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Hey everyone... i have just heard of shisha from my sister. she was telling me about this really interesting place in montreal. the only problem is that she was too f**ked up to remember how she got there!  she told me that its on st. laurent street above some kinda shop. i think a pizza place or something. if any opne has an idea of which place im talking about let me know plz.

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The closest I've gotten is www.montreal.com. I can't find it, of course I'm no web searcher.

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Gitana Café 2080 St Denis near Sherbrooke.Run
by an enthusiastic Turkish family. They sell 12 different flavours of
shisha, including grape, rose, and banana (the owners recommend the
mixed orange-apple-apricot flavor) at $7.50 a smoke. "Le propriétaire
est vraiment gentil."

Arabisque 1241 GuyDespite
its shabby exterior, boasts large, comfy couches and plenty of Arabic
music and décor (including miniature Egyptian statues). They have all
the classic flavours, plus some pretty funky ones like cappuccino.
Arabisque also sells food and has a pool table.

Ramses in Broussard. Any further information is appreciated.

Nargileh - a small lounge in a strip mall near the West Island suburbs of St. Laurent, just a few minutesoutside of Montreal. Sorry, address unknown but the shop sits between a Lebanese restaurant and anEgyptian restaurant (which serves amazing crepes called "fitir"). Any further information is appreciated.

this is probably the one ur sister was talking about. The others mentioned above are good too.

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