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Jasmine is located just north of dallas in Richardson.

Its a pretty nice place. The normal saturday night crowd that i saw when i was there last were all cool people. It has two separate buildings one for a traditional atmosphere and one for a non traditional which is nice. There were people smoking cigarettes inside the non traditional one which i don't like. I like hookah bars to only have hookahs in them. Prices were ok, a bit steep in my opinion. I had one bad bowl and they replaced it. The mix was off or something. Brought me a whole new hookah. So service was pretty good.
Definitly one of the better lounges i've been to.

I'd say 7.5/10 imho

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I've had a very different experience at Jasmine's than the previous post. I do agree that the atmosphere was rather nice aside from that fact that around the middle of my session, a group of kids (which looked to be no older than 16) came in rather loud and obnoxious.

The prices were a bit steep, but I was splitting it with two friends so it ended up being pretty cheap individually.

Once we got our hookah (which was rather tasty), the service absolutely dropped! They were nice and attentive right until we received our hookah. When we needed more coals, our "waitress" was no where to be found and when we did see her, she was laughing, dancing, and taking pictures with the group of youngsters mentioned earlier. Both of my friends and I sat with empty glasses for a good 30 minutes even after asking for a refill on water. We finally got the attention of another "waitress" and asked if we could get more coals now that we had been smokeless for the upwards of 15 minutes. After she brought us more coals and water, our waitress returned and asked if we needed anything. Great timing, huh?

After the second round of coals went out (these were lousy, ashed over coals) we again tried to get the attention of our "waitress" to bring more coals, after 15 minutes of no service we decided to call it a night and get out of there.

We still tipped because we're southern boys with all that hospitality and what not, but it definitely wasn't a great experience. I'm glad I've got my own hookah now. :D

I'd give them:
7/10 on price
6/10 on atmosphere
9/10 on flavor of hookah
2/10 on service

**I use quotes around waitress because I am not sure if that is what they are called and I don't want to offend anyone.** Edited by Nikotelopico

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