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This place is pretty chill. Its a combination tobacconist and hookah/cigar lounge. All cherry wood cabinets/displays/bar (coffee, soda, teas), nice tiles, 3-4 big screen tv's, beautiful walk in humidor with plenty to choose from.

They use Mya acrylics and 3kings QL's. They give you three coals to start (one lit, 2 in the tray) and hose tips. They wash and clean the hookahs out after every session, which is a plus. The guy that runs the place doesn't know much about hookahs, other than he enjoys smoking them.

They use skyzz and starbuzz, charge $9/person, with an extra head costing $6. Not that bad of a deal.

Overall I'd give this place a 7.991/10 (not quite up to an 8... but really close)

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