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Hi everyone, my name is Ashley. I've been looking around and this looks like a cool place, everyone seems really nice, so I figured I'd join. I've been smoking hookah for almost year, so I'm still new to it. I started smoking when I was 17, my friend took me to a hookah bar that doesn't ID, and I fell in love. Almost everyone I know smokes cigarettes, and I never liked them. In fact, the smell and taste make me sick. But hookah is nice and relaxing. A few weeks after visiting the hookah bar, I did some googling and purchased my own hookah. Since then I've smoked a bit by myself, but mostly with my best friend/ex-boyfriend. Whenever I feel like smoking, he comes over and we just sit on the couch and watch Hotel Rwanda. That's the only movie we can watch while smoking. Don't ask why, because I'm not sure, seeing that it's not exactly a relaxing and light-hearted movie, but hey, whatever.

Anywhoo, I turned 18 in may, and as a really late present to myself, I purchased a mini hookah online today, because my old one only has one hose, and I wanted to get one with 2.

I joined this forum because I want to learn more about hookah. I don't really know much about it's history or traditions. I just know how to put it together decent enough and smoke it.

So yeah, I've rambled on long enough. Basically I just wanted to say hello and went off on a tangent. So hello.

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lol thanks for the welcome happy.gif

yeah, surprisingly enough, that's the only thing we can watch while smoking. It was the only DVD I owned that I hadn't watched, so we sat down and watched it while smoking, and now it's kinda like smoking isn't good without it.

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