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Bad Taste

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I was in israel over this summer and i baught there a nargila. I tried
it once in israel and it had a pretty good taste but when i braught to
canada it had horrible taste kind of burned even tho i use 2 layers of
tin foil. I know that STAR is a good company for coals but in canada i
never saw STAR all the coals or either ronald or three kings and they
take pretty long to light up compare to STAR. also i baught just
recently a new nargila it didnt have that of a bad taste but it didnt
have good taste either. if any 1 could help me or give me suggestions
about anything i would be glad, thx.

If you live in Toronto and think i could come over with my nargila tell me

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is it an authentic brass hookah(a but harder to maintain than my old
stainless one)? i have one of those. first, make sure the taste isn't
coming from your hose. if that's not the problem, clean the bowl out
making sure to get any black caked m'assel off. i'm assuming you've
already tried brushing your hookahs with hot water, if not, do it! you
should be cleaning after every smoke session! sometimes(like on mine
for example) just hot water doesn't always do it. for a really good
cleaning brush with lemon juice and salt and rinse VERY thouroughly
with hot water afterwards! if the taste is coming from the hookah, you
can be pretty sure it will be gone after that point.... i would only
recommend using one layer of foil, as i don't see how 2 would be more
helpful. my personal favorite coals are ROYAL oliveseeds. they burn
exceptionally hot and clean, but are somewhat hard to find. nour
fingers are another clean-tasting natural woodcoal. i don't like
quicklighting coals one bit, but thats just a personal preference.

one more thing..allow the coals to burn all the way through before you
put them on the foil.. thats the quickest way to ruin a good bowl :D

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No, cleaning a hookah "stem" is ok. You may be thinking of the hose. Most hoses should avoid water but I have not heard any problems from using water on a stem/shaft.

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Hey guy:  I have three hookah, very nice ones. After each use I wash with lukewarm mild dish detergent with the brushes, this includes bases stems etc. and rinse.  I even rinse my hoses out with lukewarm clear water. You would be surprised at with one smoking session the yuk you get when the water comes out. I run just each end under the water I don't wet the outside except for the mouth piece/wooden part until the water runs out clear and I hand over a door hand to air dry.  I do this every time and haven't had any probelsm (and my hoses are washable)  My hookahs mean too much to me not to at least take care of them. 

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As long as the hoses are washable...if they aren't, we throw them away. Make sure your detergent doesn't have bleach in it (search for my previous post regarding the hazards of bleach). Washing a shank is fine. I just use plain water, without soap and I have some of the cleanest hookahs about!

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