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Al-ouns Shisha

I noticed that "Al-Ouns" from Jordan is not listed. I've found that their flavours last a long time, like Al-Fakher and I enjoy the taste.Mainly fruit flavours.

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Darling Bob, got to agree. Most of what sounds like very good shisha might come from the Middle-East, but its sold and shipped from America and out of my reach after shipping and tobacco taxes. Even Jordanian "Romman" is rare here, but we have "Al-Ouns". Not lots of flavours, but they are very rich tasting. Clean, lots of juice and the smell is heavenly.

Close Jordanian neighbor of "Al-Ouns" which isn't listed is "Abed-El-Kahder". They have around 14 flavours. My favourites from them are the Cherry-Banana, a very intresting mint flavour,One Apple, Two Apple,Candy is very nice. I don't like the Lemon though I often eat raw lemons. It is exactly like lemon. Mixed with Abed-El Khader Licorice or mint its nice. The price is cheaper than Al-Ouns, but I like them better.

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Al Ouns Cherry

Hookah: Mya Bambino
Bowl: Small Phunnel
Screen/Foil: Reynolds HD
Hose: Social Smoke Washable
Coals: Coconaras
Base Liquid: Water

Appearance: Very fine cut, some diced stems, very red
Nicotine: 0.5%
Base: Molasses
Smell: Cherry Cough Syrup
Taste: Small Cherry taste for about...45 seconds, then nothing
Smoke: Average Clouds
Buzz: Mild
Duration: 2 Hours

Purchased From: Smoking-Hookah.com

Overall: 1/10 Epic Fail. Practically no flavor, barely last a few puffs...then just smoke. Buzz was mild at best. No flavor, not impressive smoke, not an impressive buzz, and red dyed finger tips... no wonder most retailers won't carry this stuff.

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[size="3"][b]Al Ouns [color="#ff0000"]Strawberry[/color][/b][/size]

[b]Hookah:[/b] Khalil Mamoon Dark Trimetal
[b]Bowl:[/b] Tangiers Small Phunnel
[b]Screen/Foil: [/b]Reynolds Heavy Duty
[b]Hose: [/b]Nammor
[b]Coals:[/b] Coconaras
[b]Base Liquid: [/b]Water

[b]Appearance:[/b] Very fine cut, some diced stems, very red
[b]Nicotine: [/b]0.5%
[b]Base: [/b]Molasses
[b]Smell: [/b]Slight Strawberry
[b]Taste:[/b] Slight Strawberry
[b]Smoke:[/b] Average Clouds
[b]Buzz:[/b] Mild
[b]Duration:[/b] 2 Hours

[b]Purchased From: [/b]Trade with Santino

[b]Overall: [/b]3/10 The flavor is mild but there through out. It's not very good I wouldn't bother with it. But if you can get it cheap...ehh I might grab another flavor.

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