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From: Starbuzz Reviews

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Starbuzz Tangerine Dream

Setup: 26" Traditional Hookah
Bowl: Tangier's Medium Phunnel with Scali mod

Hose: Nammor and Custom washable
Screen/Foil: Heavy Reynolds tiny holes around

Liquid In base: Water and Ice
Coal: 4 Coconara's

Cut: kinda stemmy but overall typical starbuzz.

Smell: STRONG tangerine smell. Very Orange Sunkist like.

Taste: Very good, like it smells. But with more heat, it is way too strong.

Smoke Thickness: This is where it's bad. I've read other reviews for this particular flavor that boast "HUGE Clouds" or "Rich white clouds". I got mediocre at best! Starbuzz usually does pretty well...one of the best...but this one didn't produce much. I'd say medium. Tried many combination of coals. Started with 4 on the big bowl, quickly droMFed to 3, then to 2...smoke and flavor overload went down...increased to 4 after they burned down a bit, and the flavor was on point, but the smoke was nothing special. Kind of a let down for the norm.

Buzz: Very much. I don't usually get too buzzed from starbuzz...just a little. This one had me feeling almost drunk. It's almost unlike a normal buzz and more of a dizziness. This could be because of the attempt at getting big clouds and trying to manage the heat.

Duration: 30 minutes? I gave up on it.

OVERALL: If you love orange/tangerine flavors, you will probably enjoy this. However, I loved the smell and was very excited to smoke it. I recommend trying it in a smaller size if possible. I got lucky and tried it because I found the 50g tin. I've never seen that from Starbuzz and I don't know why it took them til now to let people try more flavors without committing to a 250g or a 100g and spending half a pay check. Since this one seemed difficult to manage the heat to get a good combination of smoke/flavor, I'll try it again with an egyptian bowl or in the phunnel again with added glycerine (with or without the scali mod).

Source: Starbuzz Reviews
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