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Scalli Mod With A Small Phunnel, It Is Possible!

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To make a long story short I thought I got a large phunnel from H-S, so I bought a glass scalli mod from MN Hookah. It turns out that I have a small and a medium phunnel.

I have heard stories that you can't use the scalli mod with a small phunnel. I decided to try it anyway, I figured with the mod in it it would be the perfect size for when I wanted to smoke by myself.

The first time I tried it, I used Al Waha tobacco and 2 halves of a 40mm quick light. The smoke never really got thick.

The second time I used some Starbuzz Orange and 2 Coco Nara's. This try was thicker then my first try, but it never got as thick as I like it.

The third time I used starbuzz again and 3 Coco Nara's. I loaded the bowl exactly the same as if the mod was not there. And only poked 1 circle of holes in the center of the bowl and the mod. This time it worked perfectly.


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oh yeah, i got a small phunnel and glass scalli mod last friday from mnhookah.com. smokes like a champ. last night me n my girlfriend loaded a bowl of AF watermelon and poMFed on two 3 kings 40mm quicklights on there. smokes AMAZING!!! the shisha kinda burned up pretty quick but the smoke was the thickest i've ever seen it! the taste was amazing. im most likely going to purchase and medium phunnel sometime soon.

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It took me forever to figure it out... but once i did i loved it. I stoMFed using it for a while and it got lost when I moved. :girl_cray:

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