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Help With First Hookah?




Hey guys! so I'm buying my new first hookah and have some questions. It is a one hose Nammor Aziza. I want to purchase a MYA freeze hose but will the hose fit in the port? I also wanted to know if i could change it into a two hose? What do i need to buy? thank you. I will attach a picture of the hookah...


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I guess ill be the first to comment for you x3...if you are still considering buying this i would like to say yes a MYA freeze hose would fit in the port for this hookah. If you wanted to change it to a 2 hose hookah (i personally wouldn't advise it) you would just need to buy a female stem adapter...You would have to screw off the purge and just screw on your adapter x3

If you have any other questions or want to just learn about more shishas(hookah flavors) or bowls or even how to set up a hookah you can click on this link (http://www.youtube.com/user/Hookahgaragelodge) and watch the videos...(sorry for the lack of videos we just started up but will be coming soon x3)

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I don't mean to put a fellow smoker dreams down but personally as a MYA ice hose owner i am less than impressed with it. I have many additional "ice cubes" and switch out often enough but find myself not noticing the different from the ice hose and my nammor hose with in just a few minutes . I say the base with a decent amount of ice is the way to go for a cool cloud and opt for a general better hose for less. -Brandon S.

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