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The Decline Of The American Imperium

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It is sad to listen to the rhetoric of America's political parties as they dismantle what once was a very great nation. To listen to the talk of liberty,freedom,patriotism echoing from the lips of well paid popular marionettes,and watch what is going in the Arab world is the high point of hypocrisy. Those very freedoms our talk show host say we must defend are being eroded under our very eyes. Bulwarks of the American social system,which made us great, are under attack everywhere. Social security,unemployment insurance,healthcare,collective bargaining are all targets in the sights of the few wealthy power brokers that have stolen this nation from the people.
India is presently bargaining with a few manufacturers to buy new fighter jets. America could use the jobs,but India says there are too many controling strings attached to the Boeing deal. Most of world,aghast at the recent collapse of our monetary system clamor for a new world currency to replace the dollar.Many nations see China as an alternative to America as a world leader. Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey just slammed America and the UN for resorting again to the century old option of sanctions on Libya. He stresses how sanctions can easily be overcome by a regime with money and how sanctions only hurt the poor. Think of all the children that died in Iraq in the 90's due to sanctions that prohibited imports of medicines, while Saddam had no problem obtaining his Viagra.
We sic a computer virus on Iran's nuclear reactor in Bushir in cooperation with our prime partner in crime, the right wing fascist government of Israel, knowing full well that messing with the computer that controls the reactor could cause Chernobyl like consequences.
Meanwhile the obese American public wallow in their sofas, intent upon Charlie Sheen's latest meltdown, Lindsay Lohan's most recent run in with the law. Bieber's haircut,Kardashian's tits, and the latest bowl game. Our news is culled from stations with political agendas and is more like the news of Pravda from the 1960's.
Popular radio and TV personality Glenn Beck predicts forthcoming doom, rising prices,food shortages,fiscal collapse. For once Beck maybe right. But he wants us to believe that we must sacrifice these things to preserve freedom,when in reality we must sacrifice these things to insure the super wealthy access to our own security and bank accounts.
Most of you here in the Hookah Forum are young,intelligent and well educated,but like youth everywhere, your primary focus is on the present. How many of you think of retirement? Just like I did most of my life,I thought it would go on forever.Are there jobs waiting for you after college? Those of you that work, do you think what life be like if your social security and unemployment insurance were taken from you? In a global competitive market your skills compete with highly qualified Indian engineer, who works for far less than you. Corporate America talks of freedom, liberty,patriotism and our founding fathers,but when it comes down to the balance sheet, your job goes to India. And we all cheer, wave the flag, and sing "Oh say can you see" It doesn't make a difference whether youre a democrat, republican,tea party,libertarian,socialist, communist, whatever. Those entities don't exist. Obama,Mr Hope and Change is living proof. Goldman Sachs runs the Treasury dept. Halliburton runs Energy,Boeing and Lockheed run defense, Israel runs State and they want to do away with the Education dept. No matter who runs for elected office, they are bought and paid for by the special interests.
The real patriots, real democracy,true liberty echos from the voices in Tahrir square and the Pearl roundabout. While the oMFressed rise up and demand justice the suMFosed bulwark of democracy stands relatively silent. The Arab spring has all but made Osama and al Qaeda irrelevant. Do we rejoice? Of course not, we need the wars to keep our economy going.
American people are beginning to take the streets, maybe its infectious. Maybe we will join our Arab brothers in an attack against tyranny, Will the government use force, rubber bullets and tear gas. Those of you my age will remember the Chicago convention and Kent State.

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