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The Growing Underclass In America

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I was born in 1945,grew up in the fifties,America's golden age. There jobs for everyone,women could stay home and raise the family and all we had to worry about was the Soviet Union.If you didn't have a college education, you get a job in factory with union wages and health care. Layoffs were rare,but there was always unemployment. The company had a pension plan and there was social security. Those factory jobs have vanished overseas,pension plans were raided by Wall st gangsters when the housing bubble burst. Did you really think that money disaMFeared? The conservatives have been railing against entitlements for years. If they had privatized social security,it too would have "disaMFeared" in 2008. Now we have to cut the budget, and Obama, a democrat and community organizer is slashing monies from programs designed to help the poor heat their homes and cutting Pell grant college monies. He even said today that the entitlements need to be looked at. I worry,because i am one of those people that Limbaugh and Beck call freeloaders. Makes no difference that I paid into social security for over 40 years,makes no difference that i get free healthcare from the VA because I bled in a place called Vietnam. I am a freeloader, a non producer, a member of the underclass. Now that some democrats have been bought out by the corporate thieves, we can expect to see unemployment insurance shrink and disaMFear and the rest of safety net set up by democrats evaporate. All the while, the very people to whom this would cause great peril are cheering wildly and parroting the words of Limbaugh,Beck and Fox news. In less than 50 years,if things don't change, there will be no middle class in America. The redistribution of the wealth of the American middle class to the the Wall st thugs will complete. After all the treasury dept has been by Goldman Sachs for two administrations. The greedy forget one fact, Americans have guns, and when the economy gets like Egypt's and food is too expensive and jobs are gone their will be riots in the streets

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