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State Of The Union And Response



After reading numerous analyses of President Obama's "State of the Union" message, I am beginning to view the American political process as a battle by two rival gangs to acquire turf. Turf being the symbols of power,ownership giving control. The Constitution is waved about,hallowed heros eulogized,slogans like patriot,liberty etc are tossed around. Truth is you got the Jets and Sharks,Crips and Bloods,Angel's and Pagan's,democrats and republicans, take your choice , the winner gets to tell you what HE thinks the constitution is all about. Bush and Obama have invaded some pretty sacred turf in the realm of our personal liberty. Just like Jesus returning to earth and looking at today's Christianity;
Washington,Franklin,and Jefferson would recognize little of their creations. Whoever wins, we get the same song,and when the carcass of what was once a great nation lays in decay, they'll all move somewhere else and eat another nation.


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