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Sold Out!



When ever I feel that phantom hand in my back pocket, I figure its the hand of unbridled capitalism or their allies the Garnd Old Party making sure the rich stay rich. When gas goes up,its speculators gambling on my mobility,when i don't get a cost of living on my social security, I know its the same guys who gave obscene bailouts to the banks. When my girlfriend strSPAM!!!les to find a job in her field, I know its  all those Republicans who sent our jobs to India. Then comes 2008 and a man says he is on my side. I'm 65 years old and I fell for this line like naive schoolgirl. Barak all talk no action Obama is talking now, after he gave us half a health care planand a bunch of bills with no teeth,like federal regulations for banks, etc. Now today in Time an article aMFears about budget cuts and I feel that hand in my back pocket, oh my God, its Obama! He wants social security cuts,cuts in senior services and a 50% rise in gasoline taxes. Thats not going to hit me in the wallet, thats going to hit me in the balls.I'm sure its going to wonders for the economy too. Throw the seniors under the bus, thats a pretty big gamble. I certainly won't be voting for Obama in 2012, but who do I vote for? Palin,Huckabee,Pawlenty,Gingrich,Romney,Santorum, Jeb Bush,Paul,Elvis, etc.

Whose for the people. Oh no ones for the people because the people are too busy with reality TV and Big macs and Budweiser to know they have been sold down the river by both sides. Its seems that the two sides these days seem more and more to be Them vs Us.


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