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Old People Get On My Nerves

I know I may come off as "disrespectful" to those who may be older and reading this. If there are any people in their 50s who are reading this, please hear me out.

I have noticed that no matter what generation of older people there is, there are always some who are always saying there is something "wrong" with the next generation. They always say the younger generation has no (fill in the blank). I have had older people talk down to me for no aMFarent reason, but they want me to respect them. If my memory serves me correct, you have to give respect to get respect. Therefore, if an older person is behaving condescending, arrogant or stupid, then regardless of their age, they are entitled to get what's coming to them.

They never, ever offer any solutions to the problem and
in a lot of cases, they are very condescending when they talk to younger
people. It's the same as a person telling someone they need a new jacket. I can bet the person in need already knows they need a new jacket, but they don't have any money to get it. The person who is stating something very obvious never ever offers any solution to the problem, nor do they offer any help. The person speaking to the one in need just takes it upon themselves to state the obvious. THAT type of behaviour is what's wrong with everybody. The older generation was never about attempting to fix the problem. They just pass it down to the younger generation. The younger generation is expected to fix whatever problem that was inherited to them, plus deal with their own problems. It doesn't help when the older generation is expecting the younger generation to take care of the elders when the elders haven't equiped the younger generation to do so. It's the same as an older relative leaving a whole bunch of bills and debt behind, and expecting the younger generation to fix their mess. The younger generation has to feed, house, and clothe themselves, and the older generation is too busy hating, and cussing out the younger generation because they FAILED to prepare the young for what lies ahead.

Another thing that bothers me about some older people is that as soon as they reach that "age of wisdom" (whatever that age is), they automatically assume they are wise, and intelligent. Nobody can tell them what to do because they have "lived, and seen it all". They act like they don't have to learn anymore because they have reached this "all knowing state". Unfortunately, this mentality is destructive, and doesn't allow a person to continue growing. People learn and grow for as long as they are living. If a person stops growing, they allow themselves to become short sighted and narrow minded. The sad thing is that a lot of older people aren't willing to see that this behaviour is adding another nail to the coffin of a dead future.

If old people would actually extend a hand, try to see past their age, and realize they know damn well they used to be young , dumb, and only cared about what was going on back when they were growing up, then they can actually make a difference with the next generation. If they take off their blinders, and actually SPEAK TO the next generations instead of speaking AT them, then things can really change. THEY are the problem because THEY are the ones who are suMFosed to be teaching the youth. All they did is talk down to, belittle, and chastise the young, and now they want to be all disgruntled and angry because the youth won't listen. I don't care how old somebody is; nobody wants to listen to a person who is always cussing them out, calling them dumb and talking down to them. I don't want to listen to that, so why should somebody else expect me to. That's common sense.

Anyway, if the elders would extend a hand, and actually talk TO the youth instead of talking at them, then maybe, we will listen, and it might be for the better. Until then, the saga will continue to get worse and worse.



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