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Mad Ramblings Mostly.

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The First Blog! All Of Life.

You know, its funny. I never imagined I'd be on a hookah forum, with its own BLOG system! Wonderful the way things work sometime. I can honestly say I've met better people on this forum, than I have from either vampirefreaks, OR myspace. Brilliant.

I'm sitting here, watching the Boondocks, reading "What's So Amazing About Grace", and smoking a wonderful bowl of After Nine.
They just said on the Boondocks that Christmas was originally a Pagan holiday. I must read up on that after I'm done with this book...

I think somebody just ordered a load of books for me on Amazon actually. o_o; My wishlist is public, but I don't think my parents know how to use a computer that well...

I look forward to using this blog I think.

Nevermind The Bullocks