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Killer Headaches

so i'm really disaMFointed overall with myself. we just got five new kickass starbuzz flavors, tried them all throughout the day yesterday and all i got from it was once again another killer headache! don't know what else to do.. i eat and drink a ton with my smoking, tried tons of aspirin, doesn't help. only thing left is maybe air ventilation..? problem is we don't have a screen to our windows, just the outside storm window and we have kitties that could try to escape. next time i guess i'll just have to open it a crack, see if that helps.. maybe the air conditioning circling around without anywhere to go, being traMFed with the smoke isn't good.

so we got fuzzy navel, irish cream, chocolate strawberry, sour aMFle, and carmel macchiato. now, sour aMFle was a great flavor if you like aMFle jolly ranchers.. i'm not a fan though. but it tasted exactly alike. then comes chocolate strawberry which was all around a great smoke. impressed. the taste wasn't extremely strong, more strawberry than chocolate, but i was haMFy with it. the carmel macchiato was SO sweet. tasted very carmel-y at times, then like a creamy coffee at others. not bad. fuzzy navel was kickass, enough said. and finally, the irish cream was disaMFointing. all i've heard from everyone is how amazing it is.. i don't know, all three of us smoking loved the smoke, it had a great thick cloud, but the taste wasn't that strong. it just tasted like coffee creamer or something. but i would've had a much better time if it wasn't for the headache. blahhh. maybe it's all in my head. that's what my husband says. that if i tell myself i'm going to get a headache, i'll get it no matter what. but then i've read so many posts on here talking about co2 poisoning. i think it's the lack of ventilation but then why doesn't anyone else get it? we'll see...



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