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Mya Saray Bambino

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I just recieved my Bambino hookah and smoked out of it right away. I am very happy with it. I have the black bambino like the one pictured above. I have been wanting a small hookah for solo smokes and I finally gave in. Now my 32" SS Egyptian is for party smoking. The bambino is exactly what I have been looking for. It's small, portable, hardshell case, light, and feels very sturdy. It smokes like a champ, easily comparable to the mya QT. I like it's unique design and I really like the stem since I have a thing for art involving plants/nature. The bowl is perfect for solo or two person smoke sessions, not too big, not too small. It does feel light like Akkbar stated but still no complaints.

I give this hookah a 10/10 for single to double smoke sessions. It's very easy to clean and pack (the black bambino is a little difficult since it's a solid color and can't see the water level outside the vase). A Mya hardshell carrying case is included, which not very many other hookahs come with for the price and value. Smokes great and is very stable. I love it.
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Got my Bambino from Hookah-Shisha today and all I can say is WOW. Since I couldn't wait to get home to try it tonight, I fired it up in my car in the parking lot at work. I am VERY, VERY pleased. It's a lot heftier than I expected such a small hookah to be. I was quite frankly worried that it would be susceptible to being tipped over, but I don't see that happening too easily. And it smokes nicely, too.


My only complaint (and it's a minor one) might be the bowl. It does seem a little thin. I think I prefer the heavy crockery feel of my Egyptian bowls, but the thinness of this one didn't seem to affect the smoking experience in any way.

The stem grommet is a little loose, too. I'll probably replace it with a standard hose grommet. Again, a minor, minor complaint.

It all fits nicely into its own little carrying case for easy transport. You can take this thing anywhere. I expected to use this at home for quick solo sessions, but now I don't see it leaving my car too often.


[font="Tahoma"]As a side note, I tried some Romman peach that HS threw in as a freebie with this one. Another flavor that I'll have to add to my must have list.

Just a quick addition to my last post:

Tried it again tonight. This little guy hits like a mofo... Edited by ghostofdavid
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I love my bambino I got the blue one and it is very pretty. I wish the holes in the bowl were a little bigger for a better pull, but all in all it is very nice for it's size.

If you look as Southsmokes color choices it says Blue, Burgundy, Green, Sky Blue, Smoke (Black) Edited by hmpitags2006
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MYA Bambino Green.

Main reason to purchase was to have something to take with me when I travel. My Egyptian was a pain to hall around because I do not have a case for it. I can see this being used a lot at home even. Looking forward to go to all the cool places I know this coming summer to sit and enjoy nature. biggrin.gif The carrying case that comes with it should be ideal for travel

Set up: How it comes, baby MYA bowl, seems very sturdy, MYA hose without tip, chilled fridge water and then put base in freezer for 30 min. Smoking Romman Good times. 33mm QL Golden Coal, not broken up.

Appearance: Overall a very nice looking Hookah. The only complaint I have it the base is a little crooked, but I think that come with the design of the glass being all spikey and stuff. I would give 9/10

Cleaning and Assembly: Everything comes apart no problems and it was very easy to clean for the first time. Easy to put together for a quick session. The only complaint here is that the male adapter leaks very little when I hook it up to the down stem. 9/10

Smoke: Holy crap is all I can say. This little baby really hits good. I was very happy. It draws effortless, and gives a vey nice taste. 10/10 You can really take a huge long draw and no harshness what so ever. The only complaint here is that it does not purge very good, but I think that is a given for a smaller Hookah.

Change over: I just switched to Orange Soda now. I just rinsed everthing out and put in cold Wiscinsin tap water in the base and I was up and smoking in no time. There was only a little of the Good Times flavor left over from just one 33mm QL Golden Coal.

I have smoked 3 times out of it so far. 2 times with the way it comes and I put my large Phunnel on it to one time and it had no problems. I jsut got a little worried because I did not really have the best grommet for the Bambino and I did not want any accident.

Overall rating 9.33, excellent Hookah would recommend to anyone looking for a great travel and at home Hookah.

Here are a couple of pics of it.

Edited by Snoopy1966
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Mya Bambino (Black)!

Just smoked my first bowl of Starbuzz Chocolate Mint.

All I can say is this hookah is constructed like a tank! It makes my Syrian Chiller look like junk.
It seems to smoke better also.. 10/10! but this is only my 2nd hookah.

I did opt to get the Cloisonne Hose. What a Great addition.

Here is the hookah being used!

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I got this pipe about 3 months ago from Hookah-Shisha.com, to have a hookah that was more manageble and mobile for my desks and bedside.

It is pure genius. Firstly, the Bambino is basically indestructible. While the glass is weaker on the bottom, because of the shape you would never end up dropping it on this weak spot. I love my Bambino too much to test this, but I'm fairly confident that I could chuck it against the wall and it would go right through.

Secondly, it's beautiful. The cloisonne shaft completes the elegance and sylvan aesthetic of this pipe. It makes me think of a crazy horned toad in a forest, but I do hallucinate often. The disadvantage to this beautiful shaft is that it is a common chamber, and this is it's biggest weakness.

That leads me to the third and final aspect of the Bambino, it's smokability. The Bambino is a modern miracle of physics. It smokes better than my 28" Syrian and far, far better than my 30" Syrian. It blows the Mini Mya Acrylic out of the water as well. You will get crazy-deep hits off of this bad boy. The downside is that it has a common chamber, which to my understanding means that you have to draw a little deeper to start getting smoke, but you also don't have to pull as hard.

The one weakness that I haven't really seen pointed out on this site, is that the Bambino is somewhat incompatible with the nammor. Because of its narrow bottom and rounded sides, once the Bambino begins to tip, it's fuckin' tipping. Because the nammor is a very heavy hose, it tends to tip the Bambino very easily and I have more than a few burn marks in my carpet to show for this. That being said, simply be careful in setting up the hose and pipe so that in your motions of bringing it to your mouth and setting it down you will not effect movement in the hookah.

Overall, I give this hookah a 9/10, losing marks for the common chamber and incompatibility with the nammor and other heavy hoses.
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I was looking for a second hookah because my first one is getting to be in pretty bad shape. I decided I wanted something small and easy to transport, sturdy enough to stand up to many adventures, and not ugly or boring. I've only had it a day and have yet to take it on any adventures (beyond "upstairs"), but it's definitely a sturdy little thing.

Like others have already stated, the water level is a bit hard to see in a black vase, but it's only a minor inconvenience.
When I told my friends I got a mini-hookah, they weren't too excited, but once they sat down with it I received compliments on its looks. I was initially concerned about the size of the bowl, but it still puts out a good, long session. I broke it in with a group of 7 other people, and everyone was satisfied. The hose is long enough so that we could pass it around to all of us without having to sit awkwardly close or rotate the hookah. It's perfect for a solo smoke as well (in fact, I'm having one right now).

I wish the tray fit more snugly, but aside from that, I'm more than satisfied.
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Bambino Blue

Got my Bambino today. Found a great deal on it on eBay half price, got me hookah, case, two bowls, tongs and some starbuzz samples.

Was chipped during shipment but it's hardly noticible.

This little beast smoked great. This thing smoked great a buddy and mine packed some Romman Prunes and Sweet Start and smoked during a mini Arrested Development Marathon.

Despite its size it produced great smoke!!!!

It's size also helped passing the hose. It spins just enough effortlessly when passing. The design is unique, and I love it. Supper easy to clean. Although it's a little snug but it is no problem.

This little hookah, is amazing and small enough in it's case, I am taking it with me when I travel.

Rating: 10/10 I now know why people love them. Small Super Smoker!!!!!!
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Just got my Bambino (Dark blue base) from H-S last week, had several sessions already so here's the review!

Hose: Standard MYA hose, wooden handle, looks fine, pulls well.

Bowl: A little small for me, only gets like 12-15 grams in there, otherwise not bad. Looks nice - gets good smoke.

Grommets: Hose and base grommets are perfect, the bowl grommet is a little small and can be a bit awkward getting on. No real problem though.

Vase: LOVE the vase. The look is sexy and the glass is thick and seems like it could take a drop or two (Though I don't plan on droppign it anytime soon =P)

Stem: Incredible detail, middle stem unscrews from outside for easier cleaning. Very heavy-duty

Tray: The tray is good, but the bowl grommet is the only thing holding it down, which is fine if you have the grommet all the way down, otherwise it wobbles just a bit.

Traveling Case: Amazing. You can fit an entire evening's worth of smoking (A few 50g packets, a roll of quicklites) in there along with everything the hookah needs.

Alright now the good part: The Bambino is extremely easy to set up. One quick-lite (all I got right now) is good to keep a bowl going for nearly an hour. For such a small vase, the flavor never gets stale or harsh. Smoked it for 3 - 4 hours at once and still got amazing flavor and great clouds for such a small pipe.

The bowl is good for about an hour-long session, and it was very easy to maintain.

Overall: Great pipe! Excellent for traveling or just as a regular pipe. Also great for beginners as a first pipe.

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I just ordered a Bambino (this is about my 4th or 5th hookah) and I am waiting it's arrival. After debating for some time between the QT and Bambino I came to this conclusion because I want a small hookah that comes with a hard case. I really like the QT better and have smoked from both of them at a friend's house... but I share the two main issues with the QT: the top rubber gommet can be burned at the tray, and the ball bearing sticks. I haven't really noticed any issues with the Bambino and was reading reviews looking for one, but it's only minor details.

I have owned several "generic" cheap hookahs, mostly purchased in Iraq while I was deployed. Some were "OK" while others were below par.

The most annoying hookah I have owned was a very well built hookah that I think was made out of copper (yes, WTF?) and put out an awful metallic taste with the tobacco. Needless to say it went back to where it came from really quick.

I owned two cheap, chinese hookahs that sealed well and smoked well, but didn't last as they were subject to serious rust/corrosion, and were thrown away after about 6 months.

I did manage to pick up two different styles of the now infamous "Pumpkin", one with a detachable ash tray and one without. The rest of the hookah was the same between the two.

Pros on the Pumpkin: Small, convinent, got the job done, smoked well once you figured out how to fill the water level just right.

Cons: Unstable base, hose was too stiff and too short, ash tray way too small, plastic stem doesn't feel "stout", top grommet can be burned by the charcoal in the ash tray... if you don't know what you are doing and are a hookah noob, DO NOT BUY A PUMPKIN, you will hate it.

Needless to say I "modified" these by using a different hose and another ash tray on top of the small one. They worked OK after that, until I knocked it off my desk and broke the bowl. The bowls for these are Lebanese style and are hard to find (at least I couldn't find one in Iraq, but southsmoke.com has them.)

I have an "Isis" at home that I bought from southsmoke.com (it's now discontinued, and sold as a slightly different model called "The Shadow") while it was gorgeous for a while, the metal is starting to wear... chrome is chipping and metal underneath is rusting. The rubber gomment for the vase fell apart for some reason or another and I have yet to find a replacement that fits - right now some card board surrounded by duct tape is sealing the base, and not sealing it 100%. This is a thin aluminum stem around a brass tube and in my opinion is cheaply made compared to Mya's. Needless to say the whole hookah is scrap minus the hose, bowls, and the ash tray. I bought this hookah for my wife, yet she rarely smokes it because she hates to clean it (it's 29" tall.) I am going to try the Bambino for myself and maybe order her a one if I like it.

I have an Arab friend (who actually got me hooked on these in Iraq) who swears that Mya's are the best thing on earth, and I've smoked from several of his and I agree they are nice. He has a Bambino, QT, an Orb, and a very nice crystal one, and he has always liked the Mya's EXCEPT for the Mini Orb one - he didn't like how the rubber gommet set in the acrylic vase, for some reason he could never get it to seal right.

As far as personal preference, I always use Three Kings Charcoal (40mm), I like the Mya ceramic bowls, and I like a variety of tobacco such as:

Starbuzz, specifically their Blueberry, delicious.
Golden Al-Fakher... I love their Bahrani Apple, to me it has a slight licorice taste.
Layalina has some good flavors, I particularly like the Kiwi and Grape. This is what I usually smoke because the price is good.

This is my first post, nice board you got here. Any input is greatly appreciated.
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This is/was my first hookah. I think if you generally treat the things you own with care and responsibility, you shouldn't have any issues with it dropping or anything.

Seals are airtight, grommets are good after 2 months or so of use, very easy to clean, looks wonderful and smokes well. I've had very good experiences with it.
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after smoking this bad boy for about a month or so now, i must say i am impressed

great build, VERY easy to clean (the bottom of the stem can be unscrewed to clean the inside of the port holes!), portable but can still pull as well as hookah's twice it's size, cheap considering it's a mya saray, the hard case is nice, the tongs are decent (yes i've had cheap tongs before, they suck)

i am going to order a 2nd one for my wife

on another note, been smoking with vortex bowls (sue me) on it, they fit and seal just fine, and seat almost all the way to the ash tray nice and snug, without fear of breaking them

bad things about this hookah: the hose it came with was pure crap... wooden ends WITHOUT metal tips, tasted HORRIBLE the first three or four times I smoked with it (guess it needed to be broken in?), and the hose seemed to be too big inside for the hookah, ie. the hose could pull more air than the hookah is designed for... but i recommend getting one of the basic wooden end hoses with metal tips, also the bowl it comes with is rather cheap but that's usually a given

in my mind this is THE portable hookah to have... do not even mess with that cheap ass pumpkin
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I have had my Bambino for awhile now and finally decided to review it. The thing is as beautiful as a mini hookah is going to get. The ornamentation on the stem and the pineapple grenadish type vase is great. It smokes competently, not the best but more than acceptable. I do have issues with using a Nammor on it. Was not really designed with the Nammor in mind. I would personally give it an 8/10 for general hookahs because it is not going to outsmoke my 36 inch Al Fakher, but as far as portable hookahs go, this with the carrying case is pure money, can't recommend it enough. Hopefully that was a somewhat competent review lol.

Edit: I feel I should also mention the tray seems a tad small and you need to be somewhat careful to not drop coals. Edited by jester589
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The Bambino looks nice and is a very sturdy one man. Unfornunatley I didn't get the performance out of it that I expected, everything was good except the bowl. It's on and off, but that could have to do with he semi dry nakalah that I Have been smoking out of it or the cheap cal, but I have tryed lots to make it work, bigger holes differint holes, double foil, non of it seemed to help! overall when it is working I would give it a perfect 10!
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ive had my bambino for several months now. out of the box its a pretty good hookah, the only thing that wasnt that great was the Very small bowl, small tray, and the hose was pretty restrictive. i got a phunnel bowl, bigger tray, and a better hose and it smokes much better. very surprised!!! music.gif

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i've had my bambino for about 6 months now. a few days ago i ordered a nammor hose and a diffuser for it. last night my buddies and i tried the new hose and diffuser out for the first time. man they made a HUGE difference. the drag is much easier now and i think the flavor is a lot better now too. i highly recommend the bambino and the nammor hose
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I bought a Bambino from TheHookah.com early last year. This was my first hookah purchase, and I must say that I think this is a wonderful first hookah, hookah for a single person, or hookah for toting around with you if you travel a lot.

I would say it is on the fragile side if one is prone to clumsiness. I broke mine while moving about a month back, it landed at just the right angle to shatter. Other than that, the thing is the perfect size for one person smoke sessions of about an hour. This depends on the shisha and how you pack the bowl, but I personally average that with Layalina and Fumari.

Grommets: The seals are good on this one. I've been smoking this hookah regularly for about a year and have yet to need to replace any of them. I ordered some extra hose and bowl grommets from TheHookah.com for this hookah... and I'm not sure how I feel about the fit of the ones they sent me. The original grommets have lasted me a VERY long time with regular use, finding replacements with a nice good fit looks like it will take some looking into though. For as long as the originals have lasted me I don't count this against this hookah.

Vase: I bought a dark blue, and I have had no issues with being able to see the water level. This vase is SOLID and VERY STURDY. It would take a lot of effort to knock this thing over, something I appreciated greatly with my first hookah. It is also absolutely stunning to look at.

Stem: Very solid as well. Well balanced and contributes nicely to the stability of this hookah. Very easy draws, very easy to clean, and very pretty to look at just like the vase.

Tray: Standard plain tray.

Misc: Carry case is a nice touch, but could stand to be padded a bit. When I've transported mine I've tucked a few 50g boxes of shisha, a package of pre-cut foils, and the hose in there. There is still a little wiggle room in there though.

This is my go to hookah for smoking alone, even though I have expanded my collection quite a bit since then. Definitely a model a recommend to my friends when they ask me about a good starting hookah.
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Sorry to wake the dead here but...

I've had my Bambino for a couple of months now and have complained a lot about the vase. The glass looks cheap, the paint job is cheap. One of the seams where it was put together doesn't quite match up. The coloring is not uniform and it's only mostly black, like they just sort of walked by it with a can black spray paint. It's a pain getting it set up straight, it always wants to lean. The hose port is lose (yet still blessedly air tight) and I can't find a tool that fits in there so I can tighten it up (although that's because hubby won't bring him his wrenches).

But tonight I felt bad about all the whining I've done about the vase. I had the Bambino set up on the kitchen counter, full of ice and water with the stem and tray in place. Hadn't put the bowl on yet. My stupid hose slipped and pulled the whole thing down on our hard, tile floor. Didn't even chip it. I was shocked. And delighted! Was surprised that the stem wasn't damaged either. And grateful.

So no more whining about the bad paint job on the vase or that I've got the Leaning Tower of Hookah as a rig. My Bambino survived it's first, and hopefully it's only, major fall. Edited by Genie
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The Bambino is, in my not inconsiderable experience, the best hookah made by man. It smokes as well as any MZ or KM, it's small as fuck, it looks beautiful, it's the easiest hookah to clean in the fucking world, and it exclusively comes with what is arguably the best bowl in the world.

The only drawback, unfortunately, is that when using heavy, washable hoses, you need to prop it against something or just be very careful, lest it tips.
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Had my little Mya Bambino for a while and thought I'd add a new review. I got mine from H-S

Hose: The hose was just a regular hose. The one thing I didn't like about it was that the wood handle didn't have a metal core to it. Seems like you really flavor the wood (mine adds a mint-flavor to everything)

Bowl: The bowl is okay. Accidently dropped it and it chipped. Superglued it back together. It fell a second time and broke again. Superglue again. After that went ahead and bought a replacement Mya bowl from H-S and it was much better quality (both construction and smokes). One of my buddies has a QT and he broke his first bowl in the almost exact place mine broke.

Grommets: Awesome grommets, hold everything nice and tight. They may fit a little funny but as long as they do their job, I don't mind.

Vase: The vase is incredibly thick. Somewhat hard to figure out the water level but once you get it down, its no problem.

Stem: Awesome stem. You can remove the entire downstem from the heart (outer shell) and also remove the bowl adapter from the heart. Easy to clean.

Tray: Tray is meh, okay. I wish it was more rigid? I have to hold onto one side with my hand when I ash the coals or do anything with it to keep it level.

Traveling Case: Decent. You have to figure out how to fit everything in there- however you can fit the pipe, standard hose, a couple 50g boxes and a 16ct box of Coco's.

Despite all of my complaints, this hookah smokes amazing. Huge, thick clouds every time. Great for traveling- just pack it up and throw it in the car. The pipe is very sturdy other than the bowl apparently. Definately worth the price.

I'd give it a 9/10- because of the bowl and hose.
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[color="#FF0000"][size="3"][b]Mya Saray Bambino[/b][/size][/color]

[b]Total Pipe Height: [/b]8-1/2”
[b]Stem Length: [/b]7-1/4”
[b]Base Height:[/b] 5-1/4”
[b]Tray Diameter:[/b] 5-1/8”

[b]Stem Construction:[/b] Solid Construction
[b]Heart:[/b] Open Chamber
[b]Grommets:[/b] Silicon

[b]Pull: [/b]Great
[b]Purge:[/b] Purges Great
[b]Appearance: [/b]Awesome
[b]Cleanability:[/b] Easy to clean
[b]Price:[/b] $54.95

[b]Purchased From:[/b] Hookah-Shisha.com

[b]Overall:[/b] 10/10 This thing is a little beast. Aptly named Bambino, it hits just like the champ and it’s a little round around the midsection. This is one of my favorite hookahs for travel. This is a great little hookah. One of the best small hookahs Mya Saray has ever produced.







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Just picked one up today at a local head shop for a great price $40!! hands down best hookah investment I've ever made. This thing hits like a beassssssst...great thick clouds and the thing is absolutely gorgeous to look at. I named her Kim (after Kim kardahian- short, thin waist with a voluptuous curvy bottom ( the vase) ) haha
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Hose: The hose it came with is nothing special its just your typical hookah hose. I actually purchased a Nammor washable hose with it so I didn't even touch it. Note that the Nammor hose seems a little heavy for this hookah and it will fall out once in a while. Not a big deal though.

Bowl: The bowl is very small. I keep it around as a spare and may try it out at some point when I smoke alone... Typical type of bowl. I purchased a vortex with this hookah so I didn't even touch it.

Grommets: All the grommets it came with fit just fine. If you get a different bowl like the vortex I recommend a mod bowl grommet. Sometimes the vase grommet gets stuck when you pull the vase out. No bit deal though.

Vase: This thing is thick and will not disappoint. My Bambino fell off a table on to a cement floor and the vase barley even scratched. My vortex bowl on the other hand broke in half =( I got black and its very hard to see where the water line is.

Stem: Stainless steel and works just fine.

Tray: A little small for my tastes... If you get a typical size bowl it doesn't leave much room.

Traveling Case: Nice case. I manage to fit everything in the case including my vortex and nammor hose. Everything has to be disassembled though.

Overall 10/10. I highly recommend this hookah to everyone. Mine smokes like a champ pimped out with a vortex bowl ( I have a Tangiers Phunnel on the way cant wait for that), Heba diffuser, and nammor hose. Its easy to dismantle and clean as well. As for the heba diffuser only the small one fits..
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