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I recently made my first order with thehookah.com. In it, I ordered only a blue Syrian trumpet base and a box Nakhla Zaghoul Light.  After about three days, I received a phone call from them letting me know that they were out of the blue bases.  Consequentially, they offered to replace it with a green one or simply cancel the base…  I opted for the green base (since I think that the trumpet bases look kinda cool, regardless of color).  After this, I thought that all was well and good.  However, when the package arrived, I realized that they had sent the regular Zag instead of the Zag Light.  I emailed customer support to see if I could exchange the Zag that I received for the Zag Light that I actually ordered.  About three days later I received a reply… they added enough ‘smoke ring points’ to my account to cover the cost of a box of Zag Light… ON MY NEXT ORDER.  Screw that… I love the base that I received, but, there will be NO next order with these guys.  I don’t want freebies or handouts… just a completed order.  Look elsewhere… it may cost a teeny bit more, but, at least you know that you will be getting the items that you ordered.   



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