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which Hookah to buy?

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We have had a few Hookahs in the past but they have rusted and not been great quality. We are looking to buy a new one and would appreciate the experts advice on what would be the best to buy? I know this is probably a vague question but we just enjoy the occasional Hookah in the summer after a BBQ. Any advice would be great. Thanks in advance. 

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Hey :)

what an interesting post. Rust, hm?

I'm not an expert so I don't have abillity to give an answer but question

Man have you had it store clean or is it a 'one time bbq and wait and do nothing with it but that until next time'-hookah. If it is that I can't answer I'm not expert.

Sorry don't feel offend I laugh right now and with laughing I'm not the one who cares a lot xD

Uhm.. but you clean it, right? With the brushes and some cleaner?

Greets from me


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Are you looking for a single hose hookah or multi hose?

For single hose, Khalil Mamoon Shamadan

For multi hose, a Mya Saray that you like and suits your needs. Stay away from the Mya econo hookahs.

You will want to upgrade the hoses and bowl if you go with the Mya, and upgrade at least the hose with the KM maybe the bowl too, but not necessary. 

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Oduman N3. Thick af glass, pretty tip over proof, nice good length hose, stainless steel screw in fixtures.

Plain looking but comes with LED light. And just get a cool colorful bowl or decorate with stickers like a hipster millennial and move on. Quality over looks like an adult. 

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On 4/18/2019 at 3:16 AM, Sunblock88 said:

If you are looking for something simple an dclassy look into the Anahi Glass Hookah.

Greatest hint ever. No rust. Wow. Never mind xDD

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