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Who are you guys go to vendors now a days?

I can't do H-S, HC or Texas Hookah...in state tax on hookah tobacco is outrageous, and not John.

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I can't say that I go to them as I try to shop locally as much as possible, but I know there are some I forgot about and some new ones.

Ultimate Hookah

5 Star Hookah

Hookah Heros

Hookah Junkie

And believe it or not, Hookah Set still has their website up. :D 


Try to let go of the grudge with John, man. The forums are dead enough without animosity. 

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Don't have a grudge against John, I do feel like I wasn't treated correctly, but that was his choice, he did what he thought was best for his business, I understand that. Still have a grudge against Frank though.


Hookah Heroes... gonna check them out.


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