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i think that pickle would be interesting.

Hookah hookah has pumpkin pie, cinnamon, passion fruit, keylime pie, vanilla, chocolate, (strawberry and chocolate is awesome!!!) you can also make neopolitian icecream lol , butterscotch, hazlenut, ectect

but yeah check out hookahkookah , they have like 35 flavors, and i love it- can't say great things about all , but most are decent for the price.

as for suggesting a new flavor i would say, reeses peanut butter cups, or 3 muskateers bars, or mountain dew

as for real food flavors that would be weird to smoke pizza or chicken wings... i dunno. it would seem like that would have a reall big thick taste and be real heavy. i duuno. i'd def give it a go though!
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I would like a blend that starts out tasting like a nice garlicky caesar salad. Then about 20 minutes into it morphs into a delicious potroast with potatoes and carrots and gravy. Then fades into a flavor reminiscent of a nice glass of red wine, preferably a cotes du rhone or a barolo, then continues on to dazzle me with the flavor of a chocolate raspberry cheesecake, and finishes with a kickass cappucino.

Morphing shisha flavors would be awesome......

how about:

peanut butter cup
cinnamon apple
cream soda
french toast
vanilla-basil (i've made vanilla basil ice cream and it's awesome)
french onion
beef stew

and of course...

mylanta or pepto
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what about a cocktail line.

Gin and Tonic
Vodka and Cranberry (or just cranberry .....ummmm)
Martini (Gin Martini of course, and green olive flavor)
Cuba Libre (Rum Lime and Cola)
Whiskey Sour
Jack and Coke
Tequila sunrise

and a new style hookah that looks like a inverted martini glass.
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