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I lurk and delete spam and shit, I also reply when anyone makes a thread but that's about the full extent. Really I keep checking just so that in case anyone decides to come back this place is still running :P

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And she's BACK!

Life has been "chewy" for the past year or so, but I desperately missed my pipes and my buddies on the forum, so last Friday I stopped at Golden Crown in Anaheim on the way home and picked up a new KM.  I'm moving jobs within the same company this Friday, to a much less stressful position with a boss that isn't a total asshole like the one I've got now so there will be much more time for hookah, and wine and hookah, and more wine, and more hookah, more wine, lol..........

Though if anyone in here prays to the pagan gods, could you send up a quick prayer that karma come a visiting to my soon to be former boss?  No ill will, you know but if anybody needs karma to visit his ass, this short little Persian twit who told me hookah is for "common people" is the one.

Nice to see my old folks, and lots and lots of new ones.


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