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Issues Smoking Tangiers Tobacco...please Help... :(

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Hey guys,
I am not too active on here, but was hoping that someone can shed some light on this....
I currently have a KM Double Kamaja hookah and use a regular egyptian bowl and always smoked only Al Faker, but was given left overs from a few flavors of Tangiers just to try, and not sure what the heck am I doing wrong. The flavors are awful. I tried Kashmere Peach, Picnic Punch, and some other one. I also tried Peach Iced Tea which was decent, but still ehhh
I know Tangiers is the best of the best, but I dont know what the heck is going on...
I know Tangiers has several different lines, but I think the ones I have are purple which are Birquq...
Not sure if its the fact that I am using an Egyptian bowl instead of a Phunnel Tangiers / HJ Harmony Bowl, or whether its the coal I am using (CocoNara)...
Hopefully someone can chime in and advise what I can do to make it better.

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Try this, taken from my "Guide to Tangiers Success" thread:



-If you do not have a phunnel bowl, you can smoke it out of a standard bowl. To do that, pack the tobacco tightly around the sides, and then fluffy in the middle. Or "fake" a phunnel, by packing around your thumb, leaving an empty space in the middle.


Here's the thread if you want to go over anything else from it: http://www.hookahforum.com/topic/40379-chreeess-guide-to-tangiers-success/


Hope this helps,


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