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El Nefes Gazi


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I just picked up this pipe a week or so ago and figured I should do a review on it

I LOVE this pipe! My other good hookah is a Farida, and I haven't even pulled it out since I got this baby. Gorgeous, heavy, and in my opinion the perfect draw :D The engravings are deep and beautiful, welds are good in my opinion, and it smokes beautifully! There was a bit of black stuff in the engravings that had to be cleaned out, but I always give all new pipes a thorough cleaning so it was nothing a sponge couldn't fix.

Total Pipe Height: 24" without a bowl
Stem Length: 21"
Height above base: 13"
Base Height: ~11"
Tray Diameter: 9"
Total Weight: 5.85lbs
Stem Weight (without tray): 2.66lbs
Base Weight: 2.82lbs
Stem Construction: Brass and HEAVY. Copper downstem
Heart: Traditional
Pull: Restrictive, but not overly so, and smooth
Purge: Easy. I can clear the base in one breath no problem
Cleanability: Super easy. A few passes of the stem brush and rinse with hot water.
Overall: 10/10! I can't say enough good things about this pipe! Couldn't be happier with the purchase!

For the rest of the pictures: http://smg.photobucket.com/user/jenn...20Nefes%20Gazi



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