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So I Bought A Smokerlyzer

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It's got to pass through water to be pleasant, but you can't feasibly make it go through too much water anyways, the pressure difference you+d have to make with the shaft being submerged too deep would get higher and higher making smoking hard eventually.
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However, and this is why I have been using my Prince Of The Road pipe pretty much exclusively, larger diameter downstem, hose port and hose all give you more freedom to put more water in. Plus, then your pipe sounds like a diesel tractor, and that's pretty neat!

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If I remember right, towards the beginning of the thread, the conclusion was a larger pipe provides more surface area for CO to bond to, and thus less gets to you. This is enhanced, apparently, by using a pipe with a copper inner tube.

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I tried using a diffuser and extra water, both didn't make any noticeable difference. If anything adding more water creates restriction in your pull which makes the smoke sit inside of your lungs longer before you are satisfied with the amount of smoke. Which would be a bad thing. (see below)


The few things that made a LARGE difference was:


1.)Size of the pipe

2.)Type of bowl (I found a turkish bowl/egyptian bowl to be more effective than a phunnel. Why? Not too sure. The one thing i am sure of is you can get away with less heat in a traditional bowl. Because you can't use the center of the phunnel for heat, the coal are forced to stay apart a good bit. In a turkish bowl I go through WAY less coal than I do in a phunnel)

3.)Type of coal

4.)How deep you inhale

5.)The length of time you wait in between pulls


I was able to smoke for 2 hours and had the same numbers I normally would after an hour by simply taking good sized pulls but not inhaling deeply. I would inhale for a couple seconds then inhale the rest in a shallow manner if that makes sense, then blow it out. Rather than chiefing it and inhaling deep. You still get the same flavor and good clouds so really it doesn't make much of a difference and helps tremendously with the readings.

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