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Al Tawareg Beer

Khalil Mamoon Dark Silver Shareef 
Bowl: Tangiers Mini Phunnel
Screen/Foil: Reynolds Heavy Duty
Hose: Khalil Mamoon Haya
Coals: Coconaras
Base Liquid: Water

Appearance: Tobacco and stems cut super fine, Golden
Nicotine: 0.5%
Base: Glycerin & Honey
Smell: Crappy American Beer
Taste: Crappy American Beer
Smoke: Massive Clouds
Buzz: None
Duration: 30 Minutes

Purchased From: Hookah-Shisha.com

Overall: 0/10 I hate American beer produced by the Big Three. This is what this smells exactly like. Fortunately I had cola ghosting a bit so I was able to last a whole 30 minutes.  Tastes like key components of flavor shared between Mass Produced Rat Piss. If you like that piss taste you will like this, otherwise don’t offend your palette with this abomination!

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