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Predator Bowl Review

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Size of Bowl : 2 sizes Tangiers Small and Tangiers Mini 
Shisha : Tangiers Scnhozzberry
Coals : Jap Easy lights 2
Hookah: KM tri-metal Hazone


Really Tall and wtf is this thing over the spire, its a little clay bar that sticks up just ever so slightly about the rim of the bowl. It looks to have the same dimensions as tangiers bowls. but maybe a little bit deepr on the small and shallower on the mini. 



WOW just WOW really this smokes like this ? MIND BLOWN! like i hate people that use thier tangiers bowls and put say a toothpick in the bowl because their foil gets stuck to the bowl and it makes it had to smoke, personally i've never had that issue ever in my entire hookah life. but this bowl gives u this like SUPER open pull and it draws through smoke like a beast. The little clay bar isn't blocking anything or making the foil to high so that it rolls your coals right off. It just brings more air for more pull and great clouds and does not effect the flavor at all, glad i got 2 of these, its sad to say but i think when i smoke on my KMs or Myas i will be using these bowls, unless im feeling old school or picky.



Just amazing :) if you have not tried this bowl, you need to.  Maybe i'll grab one to share with people online if they are willing to pass it on, so everyone that cannot afford to buy one can give it a shot. If you smoke with a Mya you will need a bigger Mod grommet to make it fit perfect on ur pipe. KM is fine with regular grommet.

10/10 Perfection




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