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Arabian Nights

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Wilmington, NC


The owners are super awesome, really friendly, and pretty easy to have conversation with

The atmosphere is awesome before 9pm. relaxing, couches everywhere, projection screen with some random movie playing.

after 9pm... lots of drunk marines and the like; and so much dubstep you'd think you were in a Micheal Bay flick.


I have no idea of the tobacco.. they just say they get it shipped from their family overseas that apparently makes it.

They use Deezers.. and only Deezers. 

Very generic egyptian pipes, but solid pipes nontheless.


Considering they use DEEZERS. (ehem) the smoke is pretty nice with â€‹noticeable​ flavor. Not fantastic


I'd give it a 7/10. They've gone downhill recently, but I can't trash talk the place just because of how friendly the owners are..

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   lol There is an Arabian Nights lounge by me too (bad shisha and 15$ a bowl 20 with milk added) lol Funny coincidence  

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