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Hookahhookah Melon

So it doesn't FEEL like most ma'asells. a little dryer, a little grittier. so what, big deal.
Nice smoke density. On par with Naklha and AF esk.
The melon is definitly cantalope. Not as strong as the Nakhla but a good steady flavour. Wasn't impressed at the start but it improved after about 5 minutes.

No freight train buzz either, which was nice as I have other things to do this evening besides sitting and watching the walls breathe.
Satisfaction level was good. I wanted a nice easy smoke and this is it.
I may buy a 50g of this to have around, but probably won't be one of my main smokes.
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[b]Hookah Hookah Melon[/b]

Setup: MYA QT, MYA standard hose, MYA windscreen, bowl screen, generic stainless steel bowl, 1 3kings

Appearance: Like mush said, this stuff is a very short cut and feels a bit dry and gritty. Smells like cantaloupe with a hint of anise. No stems.

Flavor: Despite its appearance, I was pleasantly suprised. Slight buzz, smooth flavor. Smoke was thicker than the AW, Romman, and Havana I've tried so far. A more robust flavor would've been nice, but then again, AW Mint is the only tobacco I've had so far that's strong enough for my tastes. I'd definitely smoke this again.

[b]Overall[/b]: 8/10. Try some HH Melon with Havana Bahraini Apple for a nice mix.
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HookaH-HookaH: Melon

Hookah: 22" Aladdin Twist
Bowl: Standard Egyptian
Coals: 2 Three Kings, one at a time
Foil/Screen: Foil
Water: Cold water

Cut: Thin cut with watery juice.

Smell: Smelled like sweet cantaloupes!

Flavor: Sweet melon has always been my favorite flavor, so I was wondering whether or not this brand lived up to my standards. And it did! HookaH-HookaH Melon tobacco is amazing! It's so sweet and smooth. I highly recommend picking some up.

Smoke: I usually end up coughing a lot when I smoke my hookah, so I tried a few things different. I didn't pack my bowl as full, so as to not burn any tobacco, I put less holes in the foil, and I started out with only one coal, and added the second one later. It worked! I didn't cough as much as I usually do, and it was much smoother. There wasn't as much smoke at first, but when I added the second coal about 30 minutes in, the smoke picked up, and so did the flavor! It was a very enjoyable experience!

Buzz: none

Longevity: About one hour

Rating: 10/10!!! Highly recommnded!

Next up: Menthol.
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HookahHookah Melon

: 22" Egyptian Stargazer
Bowl: Regular bowl
Base: Ice & water
Hose: Um, the hose that came with the hookah
Foil; Renolds, I double layered it

Coal: 1 quicklight right in the middle

Cut: Medium cut? same cut as in cigarettes just wet and mushy

Smell: Very strong melon smell, it overpowers all the other shisha smells that I have. It also reminds me and the rest of my friends of the ice cream bar 'Melona', I'm not sure if you guys have them there but I've only seen them sold here.

Taste: Sweet melon, it gets old really fast though.

Smoke: Medium amounts of smoke, decent not spectacular

Buzz: Little buzz

Time: 45mins

Score: 7
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HookahHookah Melon

Setup: 27" Egyptian
Base: cool water
foil: single layer, 16 holes
coal: Rolland QuickLite (only thing I had)

cut: looks like wet pipe tobacco
smell: like candy
taste: like melon candy, ran out after about 35minutes
smoke: thick, nice
buzz: relaxing

overall, this is a 7/10, I probably will not smoke this again unless I am waiting on a delivery of other tobacco that I know is better
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Hookah Hookah Melon

Setup: My buddy's Mini w/ Ice-water

Appearance: very dark brown, and surprisingly enough very moist

Smell: awesome it had a very cantolopey smell to it very appetizing

Overall it was a good smoke not the thickest ive ever had but it was good none the less. The taste was almost as good as it smelled but it had a bit of a funky aftertaste. the flavor lasted until the smoke died down and mind you it was a bit weaker towards the end, we went through about 1.5 ahkla 33mm coals. it was a good expirience and definately would buy again.

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