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Soex Orange

Setup: Cheapo chinese hookah, tangiers small phunnel bowl, quick lite coal

Appearance: wood splinters...wetted down with koolaid

Smell: Very stron overwellming orange. I could even smell it when I opened my mailbox to pull my sample out.

Taste: Hmmm...Very strong at first, but quickly settled into a very faint orange tic tac kinda flavor

Smoke: damn plumes and plumes of smoke! Seriously this stuff produced more smoke than anything I have ever seen.

Buzz:No nicotine buzz at all (of course it's not tobacco!)

Overall: 5/10 (due to lack of buzz) If someone does not want to smoke tobacco for some reason this stuff would be great in which case I would give it a 8/10! No wood chip flavor as the previous reviewer stated in my sample. I would like to thank Smoky 2 Tymes for the free sample and the oppertunity to try this stuff out. Honestly it's not something I would purchase because I love my tobacco buzz, but I found it pleasent none the less.
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So I got my Free SOEX Orange sample.
I was a little nervous before smoking, cause I'd had a not so hot experience with herbal. But it wasnt bad.

Setup: Smiley's $15 Fatuta Pipe, MYA bowl, MYA washable hose, 'The Bird' foils, 8 holes. Water in base. 3 kings 33mm coals, 1 at a time.

So I sprinkled in the SOEX and its not as wet as shisha, but it smelled better than any orange tobacco ive had. I packed it dense but loosely, and covered it, poking holes all the way down. I used my blowtorch to get a 3k red hot, and set it down on the foil.

Within 2 hits, we were smoking pretty decent. I was surprised, cause sometimes AF or Layalina takes a while to heat up and smoke, but this was quick.

The flavor was very orange, and it was distinct orange. Surprisingly enough, I like the FLAVOR more than any tobacco based orange.

But theres absolutely no buzz. Meh, I wasnt expecting one.

The smoke quality on this stuff was decent, and CONSISTENT. If I left it for a while and came back, it still hit fine. Also, I smoked it for well over an hour, and it never tasted burnt. It just kinda died. This stuff doesnt burn likeshisha does.

The smoke was decent, like I said, but we didnt get any major foggy clouds. It just doesnt smoke like Al-Fakher or Layalina does, but thats okay, this is a different kind of product.

My verdict: it is what it is. Herbal shisha for those who dont want tobacco effects of are underaged. As an alternative, its a great product. But as a hookah smoker who uses tobacco, this isnt something I'll stock. Good for parties where tobacco weary people wanna try. Some of my non-smoker friends were like 'this is amazing!' and I said 'wait til you try the real stuff'.

Perhaps this will make hookah accessible to more people. =]

8/10, you cant really compare it to regular shisha.
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Soex Orange

Setup: Standard 21" Egyptian
Standard bowl
Standard hose
Room temp water in vase
3 jap style coals at once

Shisha*: packed with kumquat peels all throughout shisha.

Smell: Oranges

Taste: Like oranges with mint, very tasty, the flavor lasted for about 1hour 20mins until my coals ran out. Very happy with the way it came out. For those of you who lost flavor along the way in the smoke, and you have orange, add orange peel. It will really help. I will definately be smoking this again

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Soex Orange

Hookah: Standard egyptian hookah, 70 cm 
Bowl: Large egyptian bowl
Screen/Foil: Normal al foil, 3 layes
Hose: standard egyptian hose, non-washable
Coals: Two Cocobrico
Base Liquid: Water

Appearance: Very juicy and thin. Not many wood chips.
Smell: Smells like cheap candies with orange flavor
Taste: Tastes like a sweet orange candy
Smoke: Average smoke
Buzz: None
Duration: 1 hour

Purchased From: A local vendor

Overall: 5/10. This is a bad flavor and one of the brands i won't buy again. I smoked this shisha 3 years ago, when i got my first hookah ( a 70 cm standard egyptian ) and i got 2 packs of soex shisha for free: soex lemon and soex orange. The orange one was the first to try, and i did not like it at all. A very sweet, weird taste which started as a sweet orange and ended as a peach with sugar. Also, the intense flavor died after 30-35 minutes and the clouds were average at most. In conclusion, i will not buy this ever again.

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