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"Join Me In Tiny Chat" Megathread

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Just an idea, feel free to delete this mods.

Ever since the lovely TinyChat thumbnail app was deleted, it's always hard to get a group together on tiny chat. You have to join hookah chat, or post a status update, or text members you have numbers for, or join randomly and hope someone is in the room.

I figured since this is one of the most prominently visited portions of the forum, we could have this MegaThread that members could bump to be noticed and have other members join them.

Assuming this idea is noteworthy and becomes pinned.... HEY! JOIN ME IN TINYCHAT!

[b]Use this time zone calculator to determine time differences so we can better coordinate meetups: [/b]

[b]http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html[/b] Edited by Chreees
Added time zone calculator.
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[quote name='Arcane' timestamp='1346113452' post='555197']
I don't really know when it happened, but whenever I try to join TC...it gets stuck on the "Connecting" part after I've entered the password.

New password?
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Great idea! I personally am just a fan of posting it in the shoutbox and/or a status update, but I can see how some people may like having a thread for it.

I'm going to pin it for now in Discussions Group. Mush may decide to unpin it or move it somewhere else.

And yes, password may change time to time, due to trolls and whatnot. Just know that if the password isn't working, check the pinned "Tinychat" thread in the Members Only section.
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Anyone want to smoke and possibly help me with Tangiers packing tomorrow night? I'm getting mixed results from several different ways of packing/heat methods. Some good some bad.

Ill be on tomorrow (Thursday) around 7:00-7:30pm Central time
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