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Elmas Male Phunnel Bowl


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For smokers who primarily use female stem hookahs, this bowl is a must have. It is unglazed clay, and about the size of larger Tangiers Small Phunnel Bowls. I packed a bowl of Lucid tangiers as I always would, and set up two coals Stonehenge style. After about 5 minutes, I put them flat , and did not touch them for 30 minutes to ash and then move my coals in some. I threw my windcover on, and did not touch it until the coals needed changing. The heat distribution is perfect, and it holds just the right amount of tobacco.

While I do own an Adapter, I received this free with my Elmas 639 purchase, and see myself using this bowl over a tangiers small when smoking lucid or any other wetter tobacco that I would not put in a standard Elmas clay bowl.

[b]Bottom line - If you own a female stem hookah, buy this bowl! 10/10[/b]

I am just going to steal a picture from Nazarhookah instead of take my own!
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