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Elmas Clay Bowl

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This is your standard option when it comes to Elmas Nargiles, but the quality and performance is much different then your standard egyptian/mod bowls that come standard with almost every other hookah.

I cant say I was expecting much more than the standard bowl in the same style as many bowls that are included with whatever hookah you buy. I was very surprised though. These bowls are unglazed clay, and are about 1-1.5 inches deep depending on the bowl. There are 5 large, even holes in the bottom of the bowl, which slightly curved. I can only say I have smoked Nakhla out of these bowls, because its my primary smoke these days, but it works ideally. The heat distribution is top notch, and these bowls can make a small amount of Nakhla go a long way. At the end of my session, everything is evenly baked and darkened, and I am able to pick the bowl up 2-3 minutes after taking the coals off. While you will be inclined to pick up many different bowls almost instantly after buying most male stemmed hookahs, between this bowl and the elmas male phunnel, you will be set.

[b]Bottom line - Dont compare this to your standard Egyptian or mod bowl, this is much higher in quality , even as a standard bowl. [/b]
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