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Upgrading From A Mya Petite?

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Hey there :)

My brother got me my first hookah for my birthday, a Mya petite, and I love it but the fact that I can't get a vortex bowl to fit on it without getting new grommets and if want a bigger hose I have to buy an adapter is starting to bug me. I want to get a bigger hookah but I'm not sure what to get. I've heard good things about KM but are they worth the price? What is a good, quality hookah that won't cost me a fortune?
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Kind of vague question, lots of good pipes out there right now. Mark at kasbah.us has some syrians pipes for really cheap that sound solid, might be worth checking out. [url="https://www.facebook.com/kasbahhookah"]https://www.facebook.com/kasbahhookah[/url]

Mahir at nazarhookah.com has faridas and kms both great pipes and worth adding to your list.

Posting up a price cap and what you are looking for is really helpful.
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Sorry, this is my first post! And I'm a beginning hookah smoker.

Price cap of like $150

Double hose would be nice or one I can get a hose adapter for to make it a double

One that keeps the smoke cool and smooth

I'm not really worried about the aesthetics of the hookah, as long as it smokes well I'm happy.
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Most people would steer you away from a two hose pipe and they are often more problematic than beneficial. Either they require autoseals which makes them incredibly restrictive or you get one with out and you have to remember to plug the one not in use.

$150 will leave you with a lot of options, if you are going to keep it for years and have to look at it while you smoke, might as well find something you are in love with. They are more than just functional tools, at there best they are pieces of art.
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One amendment: the ones above, I believe, do not come with washable hoses. That's an accessory I would highly recommend investing in for the long haul. Fancy Hose/NuHose, Razan, Narbish, Nogoom. Any of 'em are worth a pick up along with it if you can swing it. Even with one, it should keep your total expenditures under $100, well below your price cap, leaving lots of room for tobacco & coal purchases.

I'd also highly recommend going with coconut and/or silver tab Japanese-style coals, and getting a small, electric single burner to light them (unless you live in a studio apartment where your stove is pretty close to your hookah).
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With the syrians you should probably order another hose, but with the faridas from nazarhookah you get one of his washable hoses which are great. With the KMs, I would just continue to use that hose until it starts falling apart, as they are usually built fairly well and do not really require an upgrade.
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By the way, You are upgrading so you can use a vortex bowl. You may want to look into a standard Egyptian Bowl or a high quality Phunnel bowl while you are at it.

I have one of the Syrian Pipes pipes listed and I can tell you that they are excellent pipes, as long as you get one that is put together well.

You may also want to upgrade to the trumpet vase, as the Genie and Tear Drop vases have a small foot print for such a tall hookah.
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Syrians from Kasbah, Khalil Mamoon, Farida, and Elmas are all brands that you would not regret getting, IMO. I have a Khalil Mamoon OG Trimetal and a Syrian like the ones Kasbah has (the "Tower") and love both! Used to own an Elmas, and have heard good things about Farida. Either way you go, you should be more than happy. I too suggest just going with a one-hose, and to instead look at a Tangiers Small Phunnel instead of the Vortex (Tangiers Phunnels are made of better materials for heat retention, and the phunnel is just a better design overall).

Good luck, and let us know what you decide!
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Here are my suggestions:

KM Trimetal (Exotica Trimetal) - Solid Pipe, Can also be used as sledge hammer.

Mya Saray Gelato Grande - Mush and I love this pipe. I love watching it bubble.

Mya Saray Vento - Love this more than the new QT's because the stem is solid and not hollow (I know blasphemy)
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If you are deadset on getting a multihose hookah, your best bet is a Mya-Saray, they make them in multihose ports or at least alot of models with the option of later converting to more hose ports. The auto-seal tends to be a prick, my buddy has a three hose mya and the one port sticks often

another thought is a multihose egyptian. hookahjohn.com has them, khalil mamoons to be exact, but there is no autoseal option...so if you are smoking alone you have to cork the other port and with company when someone isnt hitting a hose, the hose opening(tip/mouthpiece) always has to be covered so that the pipe with function properly...I've been entertaining the idea of getting one of these. Also, hookah-shisha.com has caps for the hose that you can pop off and on with ease when someone isnt hitting it or you want a solo session.

otherwise if you can settle with a single hose hookah, faridas(egyptian), elmas(turkish)(no purge valve so not recommended for rookies), khalil mamoon(egyptian with fanboyism attached to it, for good reason), and various syrian, turkish, lebanese, and egyptian pipes would be a good idea to look at

some of the top trusted vendors right now are:
hookah-shisha or hookahcompany(first bought out the second recently so they are basically the same company different names)
and hookahkings.com(forum owners, supporting the forum with every purchase from them :) :P )

also look around the forum, there are many discount codes available, just gotta search and find the thread/s for them, sometimes a vendor has it listed in their vendor thread or in their signature.

welcome to the forum, we have plenty of knowledge to share, just ask away at any time :)
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