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Fantasia Air-Flow Coals


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  • 4 weeks later...
Well I decided to be that guy and test out the new gimmick product and review it..so here we go.

Cost: 45 in a box..eight dollars..little on the pricey side.

Appearence: Basically an oversized coconara..but with a V cut into the underside. Two of them on an alien phunnel barely fit side by side.

Smell/taste: not bad..gives off a slight odor when lighting on the electric stove..but nothing that makes you want to cover your nose

Ease of Lighting/Method: Electric camp coil stove

Ash: Grey ashing

Heat/Duration: Good heat overall..I figured with them being so large they would overheat the bowl..but I guess the v takes care of that...and it's Nakhla..which is impossible to screw up. As far as duration, they seem to burn up about 10-15 minutes quicker than cocos/CH naturals.

Recommend: If you're into the gimmick thing...go for it. Still pretty much buying overpriced cocos though.

OVERALL: 7/10 - they're good, but gotta knock a few points off for the shorter duration and higher price per coal.
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  • 1 month later...
Cost:A box of 45 was $8.00
Appearence: A very large cube with a V in the bottom (Larger than I thought they would have been)

Smell: Nothing terrible, a slight smell during the first minute or 2 of lighting.

Taste: Awful! After about 3 pulls, I could taste and feel the ash in my mouth...

Ease of Lighting/Method: Very easy. 5 minutes on each side on an electric stove and you're good to go.

Ash: Very fine, sticky grey ash. The layer of ash almost glued the coal to the stove.

Heat/Duration: Fairly even heat that lasted about 2/3 the duration of Coconaras.

Recommend: Only if you don't mind an ashy taste and trying the "hot new thing."

OVERALL: 5/10 - They are better than quick lights... but nothing else. I smoked 2 bowls with them (using 2 coals each time as that's all that would fit) and now have a box of broken dreams that can only be repaired by a good 'ol 108 count box of Coconaras. They tasted bad, literally made me gag, and left nothing but ash.
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  • 9 months later...
Cost: a box of 45 as stated for me cost 8.55

Appearance: A large square coal with a V cut into the bottom (i also noticed that they apparently produced by Exotica, as it states in a corner of the box)

Smell: Not as bad as Exotica's were imo, so a slight smell nothing horrible

Taste: Really didnt get a taste from these, so i guess they could be worse

Ease of Lighting/method: useing a single coil took about as long as cocobuzz so about 5-7 min depending

Ash: Grey and sticky, also these produce a ton of ash! like way more than any QL i have seen even, but it does come of the coal easy so thats a plus

Heat/Duration: Heat wise seeing as they are huge out of the box they give off a ton of heat right off the bat, but 10 min in they have shrunk enough to make it manageable. Time wise not as long as nara's but about 45 min maybe and hour 15 depending on how fast your smoking

Recommend: If you can't get any other nats than these you wont be horribly off, but still they aren't as good as Nara's and the other traditional nat's out there

Overall: 7.5/10, only because they really dont last as long as other nat's and because of the crazy amount of ash they produce. The idea is also cool and they do work as stated (the bottom doesnt get snuffed because of the V) so thats a plus. All in all are they worth 8 dollars? not really but hey if thats all you can get then they are better than QL's
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  • 7 months later...
Cost:A box of 45 was $8.00 + shipping
Appearence: Wider than my coco coals, v cut out in bottom

Smell: slight smell while lighting, a little unpleasant

Taste: Didn't have much of a taste, smoked star buzz pink

Ease of Lighting/Method: Very easy. 5 minutes on each side on an electric stove.

Ash: so much! They are big coals and ashed a very thick powder ( 2 sets of 3 coals almost filled my ash tray)

Heat/Duration: Fairly even heat that lasted about 45 min with 3 on my vortex bowl

Recommend: never, I'll never recommend these.

OVERALL: 2/10 - I would go back to quick lites before I smoke anymore with these. The 2 is purely for the idea of them and the even heat. Didn't give clouds like my coconut ones at all. Smoked a whole bowl pack with these when we got them. The next day, we used 3 of them on our bowl, just like yesterday, and as soon as the coals were dead we had horrible splitting headaches that persisted for nearly an hour. Now, I'm a regular hookah smoker, 2-6 bowls a day and I have NEVER had such a bad reaction to coals. That box is now completely useless to us. It will be a loong time until I can get the courage to stray from natural coco coals again. Worst experience ever. Now, I'm not 100% sure how truthful this is, but we started to do a little online research on these coals and someone brought up that they experienced acute carbon monoxide poisoning from these which included nausea, headaches, and dizziness. Not taking chances, these coals are garbage to us.
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