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So I Made An Interesting Mistake

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me, being my lazy self, left tuperware full of tobacco bits sit for a long time. the tobacco was pretty much all used up other than a couple tiny pieces here and there (less than like 5 grams total i'd bet). i let these sit for months because i was too lazy to wash it out. so my roommate put them in the dishwasher and i put them in my cupboards without realizing it.

now i bet you are wondering how i know all this? well today i made a late lunch of buffalo chicken, marinara sauce, and spaghetti. now i used a tuperware thing because all our bowls are dirty (you should know i didn't want to clean it). so i am eating the spaghetti and marinara and i get this weird smell and taste. then i come to the realization that this was the tuperware i kept my mizo guava in. when it got heated up from the boiling hot marinara sauce, i guess it released a stained flavor.

moral of the story, don't mix these things up. it made my food taste weird...
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I totally thought this was going to be about the first time you made love to another man! Hahah.

In all seriousness, I have narrowly avoided this same situation a few times. Once tupperware gets used for shisha, it has to ONLY be used for shisha.
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all the bowls were dirty but we didn't have enough stuff in the dishwasher to justify running it yet, hence the tuperware use. we clean roughly once a week for when we have people over. we keep the place pretty clean normally anyways
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[quote name='IainUM' timestamp='1323023680' post='531581']
god dammit, did it again. this time my curry has a slight undertone of mint in it

That actually doesn't sound too bad. How was it.

Also, I think there should be a thread in the How to Fun House for these food/tobacco mixes.
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