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Shah's Mongolian Grill

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Shah's is a small hookah bar and restaurant tucked just around the corner from U of L's campus. I've only been here once, but I had a good experience there. The inside is styled to look very modern and chic, with lots of TV's to look like a sports bar.

While there, I didn't purchase anything to eat, but it looked very spicy and very authentic Mongolian cuisine. Not necessarily my cup of tea, but it looked wonderful for someone who likes that kind of food. The place is tidy and well-kept.

As for the hookahs, the set up was pretty okay, a little bit smaller than I was expecting, like a 22 or 23 inch. They had Fantasia brand, as well as Starbuzz and their "non-premium" flavors. If I recall correctly, they were slightly expensive, but understandably so. There isn't another hookah place for a while and it's right off of campus. Overall, I'd give Shah's a 7/10. Definitely a place I'd go to again, but not one of my favorites.

EDIT: At Shah's, we could smoke indoors, though I'm not sure why now. I thought for sure that Louisville had some sort of smoking ban, which is why patrons had to sit outside at Yafa Cafe... Edited by demonsarn
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