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Oasis Hookah Bar

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[b][u]OASIS HOOKAH BAR[/u][/b]

Oasis Hookah Bar (located on 315 S 16th St) was absolutely great. I went in there with two other buddies and managed to smoke two bowls, each lasting a hour and a half, for literally $12 a person. That was including a tip as well. They have personal assistants who come to you when you find a seat and treat you right. Everything was fairly priced, ranging from "The Basics" ($14) to "The Real Deal" ($30). We went in wanting the best, so we requested the "Real Deal" and our waiter literally told us to save our money and go with a cheaper option. He said it was better for our money, and that it's practically the same. This honesty really impressed me since his tip was going to be a factor in the price. They want you to have a great experience and not drain your wallet. The bowls they served us, on a premium hookah mind you, were the best I've ever had....period. They can cut a orange, apple, mango, and more to serve your shisha in and they came by and moved and replaced coals without you even needing to ask.
With all the smoking bans in this state, I'm not sure how they managed to get by the law. They are a legal, legit business and are obviously profiting and in good shape. With such strict laws regarding smoking in this state, they can't even serve food at the establishment. So to compliment this, they allow you to bring in your own food, drink, hookah, or whatever which makes you love the place even more. Saves money and makes everyone happy. It's a worthy drive from Lincoln to go up and get your hookah on. A friendly staff, great chefs, and great atmosphere make Oasis a must. Check them out.


[b]315 S 16th St, Omaha, NE (402) 502-9893[/b]

Hours: Sun-Wed (7 - 12 AM) and Thur-Sat (7 - 2 AM)

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