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Mist Hookah Lounge


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[b]Name[/b]: Mist Hookah Lounge
[b]Location[/b]: North Brunswick, NJ
[b]Website[/b]: [url="http://www.themistlounge.com/"]http://www.themistlounge.com[/url]

Located along Route 1 and 130, this hookah lounge can be a little hard to get to if you're not familiar with the area. That said, once you do get here, you're in for an enjoyable experience. The hookahs themselves are good; as far as I could tell, they use KM Shamadans like these: [url="http://www.hookah-shisha.com/p-7905-khalil-mamoon-hookah-shamadan-1-hose-hookah.html"]http://www.hookah-sh...ose-hookah.html[/url]. They are willing to customize your hookah as much as you want, offering any combination of the flavors on hand, as well as your choice of what goes in the base. They also did apple bowls at one point, although I am not sure if they will do it regularly, or if it was a one-off.

The service is good, with fresh coals coming around regularly (they use natural coals; not the cube ones), and the ambience is modern, with armchairs scattered around the centre of the lounge, and couches around the edges. For larger groups, there are also semi-private areas with a mix of both couches and armchairs. On Fridays and Saturdays, they attach fishbowls to the lights inside the lounge, which is a nice touch. Expect a wait to get in on these days though. The one downside of this place can be the music, especially if you're close to the DJ booth/speakers. It can be too loud at times, not letting people in a group talk to each other.

They do have a 1 drink minimum per person (no food served here yet), as well as a "1 hookah for every 2 people" rule, but if you're a regular there they might allow you to get away with 1 less hookah if there's an odd number of people in your group. BYOB is a flat fee of $5.

The place also has a billiards area, and lets you play while you're waiting to be seated. We've had the owner offer to set up hookahs for us by the billiards area if we didn't want to wait to be seated.

The prices are very reasonable, with premade mixes (their "fusion" flavors) going for $15, and single flavors going from $7 - $11 depending on the flavor. They can mix flavors for you, for a charge of $2 more than the most expensive flavor in the mix.

All in all, it's definitely worth a visit if you're in the area. It's one of the newer lounges, having opened only last year, and has been wildly successful.
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