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Mystique Ice Hose Tip Review

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[u][size="4"][color="#ff0000"]Video Review: Mystique Ice Hose Tip [/color][/size][/u]

Hey guys! I'm sure this has been reviewed but I had to post up my review as well. I think this is one, if not the best add on I've received for my hookah. After this tip has been in the freezer for a good hour or 1.5 depending on your freezer temperature, you'll have ice cold smoke for at least an hour or more (in my experiences). I have had different experiences with different flavours. For example, Al Fakher Melon actually tastes much better and has more flavour with the ice tip, however AF Cherry and some others have flavour taken away.

Either way I think I won't be smoking without this add-on for awhile!

-[b]Super cold smoke[/b], infinitely times better than ice in base or ice chamber (I've heard)
-[b]The price[/b]. It's the price of Starbuzz 250g. And hey, most of us aren't in this hobby to save money. (and I'm poor and saying this! haha)
-[b]Looks like an RPG[/b]. If nothing else convinces you, just buy it on coolness factor alone. You won't regret it!
-[b]Doesn't affect drag[/b]. It really doesn't affect smoke quantity at all.

-[b]Size[/b]. This effer is huge! It does add some weight to end of your hose, so keep this in mind. However it doesn't bother me!
-[b]The price[/b]. Yes, I did say it was a pro, but there are people out there that are truly hurting for money and this thing is a piece of plastic with ice packets for 22 bucks+shipping.
-[b]Inconvenience[/b]. This isn't an accessory you can just take with you and pull out of your bag to use, it must be frozen for the effects to really work.
-[b]Removable Hose Tip[/b]. Unless you plan on modifying your hose, you'll need to also purchase a Nammor hose with removable tip, setting you back another 24 dollars!

[b]Overall Score: 10/10[/b]

Thanks for watching. Please comment if you have any questions!

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[quote name='ezxen' timestamp='1301416465' post='503487']
where do the water packets sit ?are they inside the tip as in the smoke will pass through the ice/water packs

Yea, they sit inside of the plastic tip. They are pretty much free to move around...but with so much they stay put. You just put the entire thing in the freezer though, so no need to remove the packets, unless you want to clean it, etc.
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