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Golden Canary Japanese Coals

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Golden Charcoal
(made in Japan, imported by Canary Imports)

I'm 1/3 of the way through the box and I will be ordering more soon. These coals are obviously harder to light than the lousy easy-light Golden Coals I also have, but the total lack of taste that they create when they burn makes the lighting difficulties worth it by far. I never really noticed the flavor the easylights add to the shisha until I got this box of Japs, it's a kind of chalky flavor that's really wierd and a taste I will only have ever again if I run these.

Because it's kind of annoying to start these, I'm going to get a little cheap ceramic flower pot to cook my coals in before I use them because I don't have a stove. If you have a big torch these things are no problem to light at all and they aren't really too bad with a little torch butane lighter.

9/10 (for lighting difficulties)
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Revised! After a week, I'm past the learning curve and am getting optimal results and so these deserve an optimal review now!

I have these: Golden Charcoal (authentic, made in Japan, imported by Canary Imports)

Burn time: excellently heats my shisha for 40-50 minutes.

Taste: none or very little (plus); 10/10

Smell: very little smell, very little fumes (BIG PLUS!!!); 10/10

Light: 3-5 minutes on stove till silver layer begins to strip. Leave it alone, no need to blow, and very little amount of pieces will fly in the air. Very clean (plus!)

I get best results with a single piece of 3 quarter squares. Takes a long time for these to burn out or shrink and they do an excellent job of heating shisha. Whereas I like to refresh a 33 cm 3 Kings coal every 20 minutes, once lit, the Japanese coals are set! I consider that very convenient. Take off half a point for not being able to use a lighter with these.


HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Much greater quality than 3 Kings which is saying something. These are now my standards with 3 Kings as back up if I'm on the go. I've tried out several good brands of coal (except natural coal) and I will say these are by far the best! 96 quarter squares gives me 36 hours of burn time for $15. Considering the quality - these are well worth every penny! Edited by thegreengoblin707
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Golden Hookah Charcoal

(The ones made by Canary)http://www.hookahcompany.com/golden_hookah_charcoal_1489_prd1.htm

Lighting You'll need a stove, blowtorch, or a hot plate to light these up. But ahhh! When they are red hot, they look like they turn black!

Smell- No smell when lit or unlit

Taste-Nothing! All I could taste was the tobacco

Burn- They burn at a good temperature.

Ash- Uhhh it was a little weird. These didn't ash with white/grey powder like other charcoals. It ash black layers of ash o_0. They don't last too long. Maybe 30-35 minutes? They also kind of break when you ash them, but not as easily as the fake Japanese easy lites

6/10. These would've been my fav charcoals if only they didn't ash in black layers, didn't turn black after sitting by itself for 5 mins, and if they didn't break when you ash them
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Abu Hitham Japanese Coals.

In the past, I rated these quite highly. Their latest shipment is crummy, better than most Chinese coals, but not worth the price tag. Stick to Canary Goldens Japanese or Magic Coals.

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Golden Charcoal (Imported by Canary) Japanese Style Coals

Ok, let me start off by saying that these are the only coals I have used. That being said, I love them! They light really easily, I use a Colibri Cigar lighter to light them (A butane torch lighter). The lighter burns really hot so it makes lighting these a cinch.

They seem to last about an 40 minutes to an hour with 2-3 people smoking. They impart no taste that I can notice, however the difficulty and peculiarity of the ash can give it a really odd taste sometimes. This is combated by not having your idiot friends ash it on the bowl. lol

They burn hot and work out great for Fusion tobacco (I use two coals for that tobacco) and not so great with Starbuzz tobacco (I'm going to try three coals on it later today).

Overall, I'd give these a 9.0/10 but take this review with a grain of salt as I've never tried a different type of coal.
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Golden Canarys

Lighting time/smell Barely have any smell when they are lighting, smells a little but not unbearable by any means. These things light up damn quick, take a couple minutes tops. 9.5/10
Flavor These give off 100% nothing. They give no added taste, my shisha tasted even better than when I used coconaras. 10/10

These last a bit longer than the easy lites, i'd say about an hour or so. 9/10

PriceThese are 15 bucks for 96 pieces but they are well worth it if you can afford it, if not then go with the easy lites. 5/10

Best coal on the market in my eyes, wish they were a lil cheaper, if you can't afford it go with the easy lites they are good coals too, just smell when lighting and don't last as long.

Where to buy

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These are probably THE coal to get if you smoke Tangiers Noir. They're perfect heat management for Noir. No other coal beats them. Due to their price, I would only use these on Tangiers. Save them for Tangiers and use coconut coals for all your other brands. These are great for Lucid as well.

Now what's cool about these is you can light them off of each other. It's so easy. Just set the unlit squares on top of the lit squares when the lit ones go down in size a bit. In about five minutes, you're have new lit coals. Woo! Oh, and these can be lit with a lighter in no time, so quicklights? Fuggitaboutit! Buy these instead!

Duration is a little bit of the killer, but still a great coal.

I will only buy these coals from now on, as I only smoke Tangiers Noir and Lucid these days.

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