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Review Problems

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Me and kylesd are goin through the reviews tryin to pick out some new stuff to get on a trip to hookahcompany next week and we are finding some discrepancies with alot of reviews. it seems like people are giving flavors an 8 or 9 out of 10 and then leaving in final note things like " oh its a bland flavor and not really for me". its kind of discouraging to browse through trying to gage just numbers on things and then reading side notes like this. I guess this is just kind of a gripe and not much can be done because im sure the review system cant be retooled just wish people wouldnt be so giving with their numbers if they werent happy with the flavors

Side note this topic totally absolves stuies reviews as i find his to be the most informative just others are to wishy washy with theirs.

Not saying my opinion is the right one but if i was doing reviews this is how i would scale

1-3 wouldnt smoke this again

4-5 dont really like it but will finish what i have

6-7 decent might buy again

8-10 good-great would but again

im just tired of seeing 8/10 not for me/wouldnt buy again. just be up front and help us all out!!!!!
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The great thing about reviews is you can hopefully read a good amount of them on the same product and form an overall judgment on whether or not you yourself will like it or not. For those items where there's only one to a few reviews, well, those just aren't very helpful.
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There is a designated format, provided by Stuie, but again, it doesn't account for people's opinions. I think the reason some people may give it a high number and a low comment is because they feel that for the right person, it would be great, but just not for them. For example, I really don't like Horchata or Bug Powder, but at the same time, I don't like floral flavors, so these flavors (at least Bug Powder, maybe not Horchata, i can't remember) would be good for someone that likes floral flavors, just not me. Hope this helps.
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number ratings are crap....read what people write and take it with a grain of salt....

remember, people's tastes are different...so, you'll have to take that into consideration too....there are reviews where people say hydro herbal and fantasia are good....imo, those are horrible.

in all actuality, you can't really trust anyone's reviews....there's really no way around finding a good flavor for yourself, except by trying it yourself...
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