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Ali Baba & The 40 Hookahs

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This hookah lounge is pretty new I think.

I went during the day on a weekday so me and the people I was with were pretty much the only people there, but it started to pick up a lot as it got later.

This place has a modern theme and even has an ipod dock on a table to plug your ipod in and play your music throughout the whole lounge as you smoke. Though when I was there they had the rapper Pitbull on repeat all...haha.

They offer starbuzz and al fakher shisha and their own mixes, which I didn't try.

I didn't try the food either but they offer eastern food.

Definitely not a bad place though! Our waiter kinda seemed like he didnt know what he was doing when it came to setting the hookah up though... which made me a little sad.

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