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Mya Saray Petite

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For the price, it's hard to beat this little guy. With the exception of not having a case, it's ready to go out of the box, and even comes with a small matching Mya hose. Mine were free gifts for ordering my big hookahs, but even if you decided to buy one-25 bucks for the hookah and two packs of shisha from H-S. Add a roll of coals, and you're smoking for less than 30 bucks. It makes a great gift for someone looking to get in to the hobby, and smokes decently despite its diminutive stature. A+, especially since it still smokes decently when a second hose is added.
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[color="#FF0000"][size="3"][b]Mya Saray Petite [/b][/size][/color]
Total Pipe Height:[/b] 7”
[b]Stem Length: [/b]5-1/2”
[b]Base Height:[/b] 4-1/4”
[b]Tray Diameter: [/b]5-1/8”

[b]Stem Construction:[/b] Chrome Plated Brass
[b]Heart:[/b] Open Chamber
[b]Grommets: [/b]Silicone and Rubber, seal perfectly

[b]Pull:[/b] Amazing quality, what you expect from Mya Saray
[b]Purge:[/b] Purges great. Never much to purge.
[b]Appearance: [/b]Odd but great
[b]Cleanability: [/b]Easy to Clean
[b]Price:[/b] $24.95

[b]Purchased From:[/b] Hookah-Shisha.com

[b]Overall: [/b]10/10 This is the smallest Mya Made. Hits like it beast. Wouldn’t expect much from this hookah because of its size, but it’s quite good. Two major drawbacks: 1) Hose port is too small, I bought a regular Mya Adapter to fit most hoses. 2) Water splashes up into the hose, so use a rustproof hose or a hose you don’t mind rusting out. But hose port is another 4 bucks and I use a rustproof 95% of the time.



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[u][b]Mya Petite Review[/b][/u]

What can I say, this thing is a BEAST! I got it to have something smaller to travel with and also for when I don't feel like breaking out the big KM. My local shop had the ones with dark purple vases for $24.99. I was concerned about my Nammor tip fitting the small hose port, so I slyly swapped out the hose ports with a QT. I recommend anyone do the same if you want to use a hose other than the one it comes with. Anyway, it smokes great, just as good as the QT or any other bigger Mya. Really surprised me. I'll definitely be smoking it a lot from now on. Purge isn't the best, but then again, no Mya really has a good purge. I'm very satisfied with this purchase!


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