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Red Sea Cafe'

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827 S Rural Rd
Tempe, AZ 85281
(480) 921-3339

Overall reaction to first visit:
Very chill. It is located in the College area of ASU so it's full pretty much every night about 8pm when it starts filling or after a sports event.

Service is good, everybody is nice and they have a lot of regulars who help out the staff every now and then.
They usually have a person going around getting new coals but sometimes you have to get up and ask for new coals.

The goods:
Hookahs are nice and they seem to always be clean. If you want to change flavors you get a fresh Hookah and the works.
The shisha I don't know what brand they use but it is good shisha from all the flavors I've had using them. Though they did change brands to a different one don't know what they changed to though.
Coals last a good 20-40 min. depending, how your treating the coals and what not or I guess if they use a different brand every now and then.

Prices are good since they are located in a high college student populated area they have great deals during the week if you go there at certain times of the day and week. But usually around $10 for Hookah + shisha and $2 Cover charge.

A nice place, well enough service...all in all you get what you pay for...a chill place with nice atmosphere, and a good smoke.


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