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Mya Saray Razo

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Got a Razo at a local shop for a great deal with some Shisha, so here I am to review it.

Hose: Standard Mya hose, no complaints but the Mya hose I owned prior to this would get a build up of gunk in it - so if you don't use it for a few days, blow it out very good or you'll have a mouthfull of ashy garbage.

Bowl: Standard Mya bowl, i'd say it holds 20-30 grams, good for personal use but it's not my favorite bowl.

Grommets: Silicone, squishy so they make a nice seal and hold your bowl/hose very well. They hold smell, mine are kind of funky after about a weeks use. Hasn't affected taste yet though. There's also 4 different o-rings, your purge, your hose connector, your down stem, and the piece that the bowl sits on.

Vase: Looks mega awesome, like an Alien pyramid flying around town. Holds a pretty substantial amount of water (more than I expected) with plenty of room for smoke. On a side note I found the best fill point for me was about 1/4" above where the glass becomes frosted.

Stem: From top to bottom it appears to be around 8"-9" in length, from the top of the bowl grommet to the bottom of the downstem.

Tray: About 5" in diameter. You can ash your coals on it, and if one rolls it would catch it. It would NOT catch a coal if someone bumped your hookah pretty hard though.

Other: Comes (or should) with a hard carrying case, tongs, a hose, and a bowl.

Overall: I like this hookah a lot, I can produce clouds that are on par with what I achieve with my KM. There wasn't much of a learning curve associated with this hookah, despite the stature even without ice in my vase I was unable to produce harsh smoke. (Unless you load far too much coal on your head.) The base has a diameter of about 6-1/2" so this thing is hard to tip over. With the bowl that came with it, this thing measures in at 12" tall. The purge may also be replaced with an adapter to allow 2 hoses to be used with this hookah, if one was so inclined.

Personal Thoughts: I would buy this hookah again given the oportounity. It smokes very well, it looks good, and is very hard to tip over. I bought this for personal use and to take to friends houses/on trips. I believe these aren't as popular as other Mya models because of the price tag, I got mine for a great deal - and if you can do the same I behoove you to do so.

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[color="#FF0000"][size="3"][b]Mya Saray Razo[/b][/size][/color]

[b]Total Pipe Height:[/b] 10-1/8”
[b]Stem Length: [/b]8-5/8”
[b]Base Height:[/b] 5-3/4”
[b]Tray Diameter: [/b]5-3/4”

[b]Stem Construction:[/b] Solid Construction
[b]Heart:[/b] Open Chamber
[b]Grommets:[/b] Silicon

[b]Pull:[/b] Great
[b]Purge: [/b]Purges Great
[b]Appearance:[/b] Awesome
[b]Cleanability:[/b] Easy to clean
[b]Price:[/b] $69.95

[b]Purchased From:[/b] Hookah-Shisha.com

[b]Overall: [/b]10/10 It’s a Geometric Work of Art. I absolutely love the lines of this hookah. The hookah smokes great and purges fairly well for a small Mya hookah. This is an amazing hookah, it’s sad that no one else talks much about this hookah.







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