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Mya Saray Econo Gelato

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  • 2 weeks later...
I just recieved the Econo-MYA Gelato. I ordered it from H-S and everything came nicely packed and in perfect condition. First I just have to say that this is one great little hookah. It stands at about 13 1/2 - 14" with the included mya bowl. I chose this one over the QT based on its appearance and I was not disappointed when seeing it in person. The vase has only a few small bubbles and is a good weight. I'd like it to be a bit heavier, but I am not worried at all about it tipping over. The base of the vase is about 4" in diameter and is quite stable. The bowl is fine and looks nice with everything else. One bowl will last around 2-3 hours. One downside to the included bowl is that the inside where you place the shisha is not glazed which means that the inside will turn black after only a few bowls. This is perfectly fine with me though as I kind of like the look. The stem is light weight but well constructed. heavier doesn't always necessarily equate to better. The down-stem is nice and thick and has great air flow. This hookah has a very easy draw and is completely air tight. I will, however, be replacing the bowl grommet because it seals tightly when you first pack the bowl, but once molasses drips down on to it and the bowl heats up it loosens up a bit.

Now to the most important part: how it smokes. This hookah smokes extremely well. It smokes much better than my friends 28" Syrian in a side to side comparison as well as every other hookah I've tried at hookah bars. It draws extremely well and produces huge clouds. So far I have used it for about 15-20 hours with Al Fakher and Romman shishas and have not had any harsh smoke.

My overall impression of the Econo-MYA Gelato is that it is a fantastic small hookah, and I do not regret purchasing it one bit.


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  • 2 years later...
I've had the Econo Gelato for about a month. I've smoked from it several times (about 5 or 6). It was a great hookah before it broke. Excellent everything-bowl, vase, etc. The problem is that the thing broke.

The down stem twisted out when cleaning after my session last night.Note that I didn't think it twisted it off, because when I've attempted to unscrew it before it would not budge. I went to put it back together this morning and the threads will not mate where you screw the down stem into the main pipe stem. I've tried everything. It simply will not screw back in. This renders this once good hitting pipe useless. I ordered this from NazarHookah and have contacted Mahir about a possible replacement or refund.

I would NOT recommend getting this unless you are prepared for disappointment.

ETA - I've also ordered a KM and a Mya QT from NazarHookah, and those two pipes have been tip-top Edited by bigpatvoodoodad
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