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Good Buy?

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Right now, I'm sporting a 24" two hose, but I really only use it when I'm smoking with other people. So, I'm thinking about buying a mini hookah just for my room since I find my current one a little too big for just a solo session.

Looking around, I found this...
13" Green Aladdin Fatota

What do you guys think? Is this a good buy?

Any other sugguestions would be appreiciated.
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for a single session hookah, i would recommend the mya QT or bambino based on others' testimonials. personally, why not just get a smaller bowl, like a small funnel, and use your 2hose for yourself? you can always plug one of the hoses...

if cost is an issue, sure get a small mya..

but if it's not, get a larger KM 1 hose. it will work great for solo sessions or group...
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I do like the Mya QT.
Though, it looks like a little more than I'm wanting to spend. (Yeah, I know. It's only like $40-50, but keep in mind that I'm a poor college kid.)
Maybe a good tax return can change my mind.
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