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[quote name='dingo1799' date='27 April 2010 - 11:01 PM' timestamp='1272427264' post='465798']
ok.... so then what is the stem of my Mya Vortex made of? it sure looks like its cast brass on the inside?

The stem on my Mini Mya is cast brass, and appears to be machined, polished, & plated on the exterior.
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used PVC to make my homemade hookah. the only thing to avoid is using PVC pipe up near the bowl. use a metal tube for that. but after about 7 or 8 inches down, it doesnt get hot, just slightly warm. other than that PVC seems to be fine
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first off, old topic, check the date of the last post

secondly, pvc is not safe to smoke out of as it deteriorates the more you use it and gets disgusting. moral of the story, don't use anything to smoke tobacco that wasn't MADE for smoking tobacco. don't add more dangers to the already unhealthy habit of smoking
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