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Found 3 results

  1. Alright so I met with the partner for the Hookah bar and Just had a few questions. 1) How many people would you guys say frequent a Hookah bar on a given day? Say poor day, average day, good day? 2) What products would you consider to cannibalize the sale of Hookah? Beer, Wine, Bar Food, ETC 3) What would you consider the best compliment products for a Hookah Bar to offer? Beer, Wine, Bar food, ETC 4) Obviously, atmosphere is important in a hookah bar. Is it alright to go away from the middle eastern theme maybe tropical? 5) What level of ventilation would you guys like to see in a hookah bar? Thanks for any help in advanced and I look forward to some nice discussions
  2. Hello everyone! I am new to the Hookah Forum, but dropped in because I noticed a large amount of good information availible. I am going to start my own hookah bar here shortly and came here to have some possible questions answered. A little bit about me first, My name is Eric and I live in Virginia. I have a degree in Finance and marketing and am getting my MBA now. I enjoy wakeboarding, snowboarding, jetskiing, hockey, and networking with new people. I try to keep busy with business development and a hookah bar is one of two things I am doing. I would like to network with as many hookah users here as possible and learn answers to everything I do not know, as well as share information I do know and become a valuable member of this community. I admin a set of forums myself and know how much a single member that contributes can add value to a set of forums. Thanks for reading my introduction and I looking forward to meeting you all, Eric Hakooh Bar
  3. Cafe Name: Sams Cafe Location: Rockville, MD Type: Hookah Lounge/Restaurant Price: No Price Per Head,$12-15 Per Hookah, 2nd Round of Coals Free, Beyond 2nd round 2.50 per round. Standard Per Hookah: N/A Size: Small, roughly 4 tables during weekdays and 10 during weekends. Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor Only, Interior is food, shisha purchases, hookah purchases, and the best damn gelato ever. Parking: Street Parking: N/A Parking Lot: Long extended parking lot, very easy to find a spot instantly. Hookahs: A Mix of KM Hookahs, Syrian Hookahs, & Mya Hookahs. Average Hookah Height: 24" - 36" on average Shisha Flavors: They primarily serve Al Fakher and Starbuzz. Starbuzz costs a little bit more ($3). They have anything from Guava to Pink Lemonade. As they are a hookah bar as well as a store, they stock almost any flavors. (I recently was able to procure a choco-mint bowl there which I have never been able to do in the DC/MD area). Overall Review: There is seriously a million different ways I can go about saying this, but this place is quite possibly my favorite hookah bar of all time. I came upon this place when me and my friend heard that they sold shisha (Nakhla $10, AF $12, Starbuzz $20, Social Smoke $20, Tangiers $?) and the owner, after our purchase, invited us to smoke with him outside. The location is brilliant as it is right off the "Pike" to the left of the county spirits store. The service is very friendly, consisting of 2 older women during the day, and an attractive younger one on the busy evenings. The spot is what you would call a "hole in the wall" find, as they do not advertise as a bar, but rather as a hookah shop / baking store. The serving time is relatively quick, usually taking 5-10 minutes to bring the hookah to you and they will provide you with tongs if you ask politely. The food at this bar though is what makes it stand out more than anywhere else, literally fantastic. The Lamb Gyro with the beer battered fries is quite possibly the best Gyro / combo i've tasted in MD (I have 3 Greek friends!), and the Gelato is to die for (entirely homemade by them). Overall the atmosphere is spot on, the location gathers a nice breeze during the summer, and does not retain too much noise aside from the occasional passing train. There is plenty to look out at or stare off to if you go alone, and it is a quiet enough atmosphere during the day to have a sit down and study there with some greek coffee and a hookah in hand. When they have the late nights, Thursday - Saturday staying open until 2am rather than 9pm you will find lazer lights posted under the large covering they place up, and various music playing ranging from club, house, to traditional hookah bar tunes. Even with these tunes though, the atmosphere is never too loud, and rather enjoyable. They stay open until the late October, early November months as they are outdoors only and then re-open around February. An absolutely must go to location!!! (Although don't tell your friends because then you'll fill up my favorite spot haha) Overall Rating 9.0/10 ~A13lackfish~
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